150 years Karl Marx’s Capital. Reflections for the 21st Century

International Conference in January 2017 in Athens

«Karl Marx’s Capital provides radical thinkers with the insights necessary to demystify the “truths” of the dominant bourgeois theoretical schemes, ideological certainties and policy implications and is thus of great theoretical and political importance. This explains the increasing interest on Marxian analysis among social scientists and political activists in recent years, especially after the outbreak of the global capitalist economic crisis in 2008. I am confident that the International Conference “150 years Karl Marx’s Capital. Reflections for the 21st Century”, will be an important contribution to contemporary Marxist theory and critical thought.»

John Milios, Professor of Political Economy at the National Technical University of Athens, Director of Theseis, a quarterly Marxist Review

Karl Marx’s major work, Capital, is broadly recognized as an indispensable point of departure for all those who are interested in deciphering and analyzing in depth the inner workings of the capitalist system and the connections between economic categories and economic and social relations and structures.

Consequently, the system of notions and analyses in Marx’s Capital enables the critique of economic and social power relations in all societies where the capitalist mode of production is dominant. It is particularly timely in the midst of the present systemic global economic crisis and is thus of great theoretical and political importance.

During the last two decades, new generations of social scientists and political activists have been acquainted with Marxian insights and Marxian research. This is apparent in many European countries both in academia and scholarly publications as well as in left-wing political activism; Greece is an indicative example.

The Greek Marxist quarterly Theseis, published since October 1982, and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – Athens Office, organize a two-day Conference in Athens, on Saturday January 14 and Sunday January 15, 2017 on the actuality of Marx’s theoretical system 150 years after the publication of Volume 1 of Karl Marx’s Capital.

Main Speakers: Etienne BALIBAR, Marta HARNECKER, Michael HEINRICH, Spyros LAPATSIORAS and Dimitris SOTIROPOULOS, Michael LEBOWITZ, Soraya LUNARDI and Dimitri DIMOULIS, John MILIOS


John Milios opening speech (with english subtitles)  here

John Milios lecture (with english subtitles)  here


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