Accelerated Fantasies (Lapo Berti)

Lapo Berti:

… I have already said how I was struck by the lack of analysis of the Accelerationist hypothesis. I also want to stress that this is the least Marxian, if not the most anti-Marxian, conduct. According to Marx the crucial effort was constituted by the critique of the present, not by the elaboration of solutions for the future. Here is the opposite: the solution anticipates the critique, it eludes it. I believe instead that in the whole world the Left has lost, and continues to loose, not because it has not proposed the right answers, but because it has not been able to elaborate a correct and critical vision of the present world, of the metamorphoses of capitalism and, thus, to offer a successful and persuasive story, meeting people’s changed needs and expectations.

Secondly, it is surprising that an Accelerationist eye did not notice that nowadays finance constitutes the main factor of acceleration of capitalistic processes and the protagonist of the acceleration imprinted on the evolution of the whole system. The global financial concentration, which represents the do-main of a 1% or actually 0.1% of the global population, is the most shocking result of the globalisation process.


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