Algorhythmic Horizion

17 Okt , 2017  

Previously published in Migrant 2 (Wired Capital), 48–57. Printed in late May 2017. With links and pictures added in October 2017.

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A small remark in the third volume of Marx’s Capital (1894) edited by his friend Engels, usually overlooked, says that telegraph wires, together with steamboat lines ...

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Panic Encyclopedia

16 Sep , 2017  

Panic is the key psychological mood of postmodern culture.

pdf here


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10 Sep , 2017  

Rage without utopian prospects of real change is like living in a favela on the edge of Pandemonium waiting for the rebellion to begin, no matter what you do you are still trapped in a sub-basement of Hell with no prospects of escape. Rage is useless when there are no ...

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Bemerkungen zu Stieglers „Automatic Society. The Future of Work“ (3)

26 Jul , 2017  

Im dritten Kapitel seines Textes vollzieht Stiegler im wesentlichen Jonathans Crays Beschreibungen des heute ubiquitären 24/7-Taktes im Rahmen eines globalisierten Kapitalismus nach. Also folgen wir ihnen.

Ein 24/7-System generiert andauernd asoziale Modelle eines automatisierten Funktionierens – die Kalkulation, Quantifizierung und Verwertung des Lebendigen, Motoriken der Verwertung, die jedoch unerkennbar lassen ...

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Tiqqun on speed and strategy

17 Jun , 2017  

People have often insisted — T.E. Lawrence is no exception — on the kinetic dimensions of politics and war as a strategic counterpoint to a quantitative concept of relations of force. That’s the typical guerrilla perspective as opposed to the traditional perspective. It’s been said that if it can’t be ...

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16 Jun , 2017  

In recent months I’ve remained quiet about the speculative turn, mostly because I’m reticent to rekindle the “Internet war” that broke out a couple of years ago mostly on blogs but also in various published papers. And while I’ve taught accelerationism in my recent graduate seminars, I opted for radio


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The Suicidal Civilization: Technopessimism and the Coming Collapse

8 Jun , 2017  

…suicide is the decisive political act of our times.
― Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Precarious Rhapsody
It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late.
― Emile Cioran, The Trouble with being Born

Base materialism begins in the tomb, a world of death that ...

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Accelerated Fantasies (Lapo Berti)

5 Apr , 2017  

Lapo Berti:

… I have already said how I was struck by the lack of analysis of the Accelerationist hypothesis. I also want to stress that this is the least Marxian, if not the most anti-Marxian, conduct. According to Marx the crucial effort was constituted by the critique of the ...

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Bemerkungen zu “How Noise Matters to Finance”

10 Mrz , 2017  

Nicholas A. Knouf weist in seinem lesenswerten Buch How Noise Matters to Finance zuallererst auf die traditionellen Vorstellungen über den Aktienmarkt hin, man denke an die Steuerung des Marktes durch die berühmte unsichtbare Hand, an die Träume vom Gleichgewicht, Transparenz, erklärbaren Preisbewegungen und korrekten Preisen, die die Fundamentaldaten der Unternehmen ...

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Locating the Alt-Right: Nick Land’s Romantic Irrationalism as Critical Delirium

9 Feb , 2017  

As the nascent rise of a populist right in Western Europe and North America has made clear, left-leaning politics have been unable to channel the anti-establishment impulses of the most socio-economically marginalized into a sort of grounded (yet, importantly, non-totalizing) set of ethics, programs, and organizational policies that can proliferate ...

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HKRB Interviews: Andrew Culp

6 Feb , 2017  

Alfie Bown: Your book is just 77 pages long but your project and its scope is huge. Your aim has been to recover Deleuze from those who saw him as the philosopher of “joyous affirmation” and who experienced his work (without perhaps always admitting it) as vitalist, life-affirming and even ...

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Black Accelerationism

28 Jan , 2017  

“Sensory language leaves us with no habit for lying. We are hostile aliens, immune from dying.”The Spaceape

If accelerationism has a key idea, it is that it is either impossible or undesirable to resist or negate the development of the commodity economy coupled with technology. Rather, it has ...

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Acceleration, Revolution and Money in Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus

11 Nov , 2016  

The essay moves from the conceptual place where the “philosophical plane faces the chaos” (Deleuze-Guattari/1991).  From a deep distance trapped in the past and the discretion of the dawn, a different thought and a different culture (re)emerge. The book presents a new Deleuze, more accelerationist than Srnicek and Williams, more ...

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Arthur Kroker: BORN AGAIN IDEOLOGY Religion, Technology, and Terrorism

6 Nov , 2016  

…Covenant technology? That’s the fusion of covenant theology and the will to technology as the essence of the American Republic, from its religious origins to its technocratic future. Here we are in the presence of a momentous alliance of two great historical forces – evangelical theology and technological experimentalism – ...

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Futures of Accelerationism

21 Okt , 2016  


The Road to Post-Capitalism

Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium

22-23 October, 2016


The Terminator is, after all, by now probably the most clichéd image for accelerationism and the debate over accelerationism. So, partly due to nostalgia, partly to perversity, I am going to return to it one more time. In ...

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Deleuze and the Algorithm of the Revolution

15 Okt , 2016  

The present writing was drafted and read by Obsolete Capitalism on the occasion of the ninth International Conference of Deleuze Studies in Rome last July 2016 at the department of Philosophy, Communication and Visual Arts of Roma Tre University. The edition, organized by Daniela Angelucci and Ivelise Perniola in collaboration ...

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The strong of the future. Nietzsche’s accelerationist fragment in Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus

13 Sep , 2016  

Despite the passing of time there are fragments of thought that acquire a life of their own and hit the headlines of philosophical and cultural journals with regards to their evaluation and interpretation. Among the most famous ones is the Fragment on Machines by Karl Marx. More recently another «fragment» ...

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The Future Has Already Happened

7 Jun , 2016  

In November 2015, Verso Books sent a copy of Inventing the Future by Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams to every member of the UK’s Labour Shadow Cabinet. The shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, at least, appeared to have read it: a few days later, he unveiled a very future-oriented economic policy. ...

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The Bad New: A Maxim and Twelve Theses for the Present Moment

31 Mai , 2016  

25 August. A Brechtian maxim: “Don’t start from the good old things but the bad new ones.”
Walter Benjamin, Conversations with Brecht

1. Time has been thought on the model of rescuing a “good” time from a “bad” time, of extracting, releasing, finding or constructing a “better” form of time ...

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25 Thesen zur Zeit (des Kapitals)

27 Mai , 2016  

1) Ökonomische Quantitäten sind in der Zeit gerade auch deswegen veränderbar, weil das Geld als sog. transzendentaler Signifikant für das Kapital die Qualität einer reinen Quantität besitzt, womit das Geld von aktuellen Tauschakten entbunden ist und somit als monetäres Zeichen die in der Ware angehäufte Zeit abgilt, was wiederum nichts ...

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Subtraction Theory: The Future of Capitalism

25 Feb , 2016  

Over on The Real Movement blog Jehu has a timely post that carefully evaluates the so-called post-capitalist notion as erroneous. He begins with the worn and obvious quote by Zizek ironizing the notion that “it’s much easier to imagine the end of all life on earth than a much more ...

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16 Feb , 2016  

… Conclusion: For K-ommunism?

Marx (1964), in his famous, or notorious, comparison of the ‘worst of architects’ and the ‘best of bees’, saw the former distinguished by an ability to ‘erect in imagination’ the structure he will create. Today, with our improved knowledge of bee communities, this distinction reeks of ...

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Days of Phuture Past: Capitalism, Time, and Acceleration

9 Feb , 2016  

 Our relation to capitalism is a relation to time. The extraction of surplus-value robs us of time and, as capitalism penetrates deeper into our lives, more of our time is spent generating value or recovering from that generation. Marx (1973, 173) remarks in the Grundrisse that: “Economy of time, to ...

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Gilbert Simondon, Hochfrequenz-Handel und Ökotechnie

13 Nov , 2015  

Folgt man der Theorie über die technischen Objekten, wie sie der französische Theoretiker Gilbert Simondon (Simondon 2012) entwickelt hat, und daran anschließend den Aussagen Frédéric Neyrats im Sammelband Die technologische Bedingung (Hörl 2011), so gilt es für die heutigen hypertechnisierten Gesellschaften die je schon gestörte Identität von Natur und Technik ...

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Schneller als die Sonne – Schlafen mit toten Dingen & Vorwärts und vergessen

10 Nov , 2015  

Allem Gerede von Datenautobahnen, Hochgeschwindigkeitszügen und Kopfschmerztabletten mit beschleunigter  Wirkung zum Trotz: In Wahrheit steht alles still. Nur das nervöse Zucken immer engerer Produktionszyklen erweckt den Anschein von Bewegung – wie bei einer Fahrt auf einem Karussel, das auf der Stelle rotiert. Eine Ordnung versucht seit vierzig Jahren, ihr eigenes ...

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Grungy “Accelerationism”

17 Okt , 2015  

At a crucial turn in William Gibson’s Neuromancer, we’re introduced the Panther Moderns – a guerrilla subculture in a world where subcultures flicker by like disconnected frames of some montage film. The Panther Moderns specialize in hallucinatory simulations – in a world dipping into the “consensual hallucination” of cyberspace, ...

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(4) Akzeleration- Der prometheische Wahn oder some stuff about technology

17 Jun , 2015  

Das linke akzelerationistische politische Projekt, insoweit es nicht die Form einer science-fiction-Mythologie (Negarestani) annimmt, fordert zur Herstellung einer Kombinatorik von Plattformen und Organisationen auf, die fähig sind, das Kapital in seinem planetarischen Maßstab zu bekämpfen oder gar zu dominieren. Dazu bedarf es eines Heers von neuen Technokraten und anderer Experten, ...

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(3) Nick land – Der Patenonkel des Akzelerationismus

10 Jun , 2015  

Nick Land schreibt: „Akzeleration ist techonomische Zeit.“ (Land 2014: 95) Die etymologische Referenz zielt hier einerseits auf “tech” ab (vom Proto-Celtic tegos, vom Proto-Indo-European tegos (“cover, roof”) = house) – und anderseits auf “nomic”, ein Wort das im Griechischen “law, custom” bedeutet bzw. das Spiel, in dem man bestimmte Aspekte ...

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(2) So stellt sich der grün-nachhaltige Akzelerationist das Leben nach dem Lottogewinn vor: Ein ewiges Leben im Einkaufszentrum “Hans im Glück”.

24 Apr , 2015  

Maschinische Zeit und Konsumzeit. Eine Unterscheidung also. Eine mögliche unter vielen.

Alles ist langweilig, aber niemand ist gelangweilt, schreibt Mark Fisher im Jahr 2014. Und dies, weil wir angeblich von einem Zeitalter der Langeweile in ein Zeitalter der Angst übergegangen sind. Das Verschwinden einer bestimmten (subjektiven) Form der Langeweile (Arthur ...

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Philosophische Onto-Techno-Logie am Beispiel des Akzelerationismus (1)

15 Apr , 2015  

1) Einleitung

Wir behandeln hier die in letzter Zeit in gewissen akademischen Zirkeln ins Gespräch gekommene Theorie des Akzelerationismus unter den Gesichtspunkten der Technik- und Zeitkritik. Diese neohumanistische und neorationalistische Theorie geht zunächst davon aus, dass soziale Normen und Relationen durch einen neuen pragmatischen Universalismus ohne weiteres verändert werden könnten, ...

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Ein Sturz vom Pferd – Ein neuer Futurismus macht von sich reden

2 Mrz , 2015  

In Geschwindigkeit und Beschleunigung will sich der Traum von Allmacht verwirklichen. Denn eine absolute, von allen Bedingungen befreite Geschwindigkeit käme einer Allgegenwart gleich, die einst als Attribut göttlicher Omnipotenz galt. Endliche, weil menschliche Wesen können von ihr nur wie von einer Versuchung überfallen werden, wie von einem Rausch, einer Affektion, ...

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