Wie man aus einer Mücke einen Banker macht

22 Feb , 2018  

»Saal 6« heißt der erste Roman des ehemaligen Mille-Plateaux-Chefs und Deleuze-Fans Achim Szepanski. Die wüste Erzählung soll der erste Teil einer Trilogie sein.
Von Cord Riechelmann
Wenn es, wie Aristoteles meinte, eine der Aufgaben der Kunst ist, zu zeigen, wie es bestimmt nie werden soll, dann ist Achim Szepanskis Roman ...

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Geh, Gespenst!

11 Feb , 2018  

1968 glaubte man an einen Fortschritt, der heute fragwürdig erscheint. Ein neuer Aufbruch muss einen anderen Weg nehmen

Der Bruch, der in den Jahren um 1968 durch die westlichen Gesellschaften ging, betraf eigentlich nur drei sehr einfache Dinge: Die Vergangenheit, die Gegenwart und die Zukunft. Und wenn man die drei ...

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Accelerating Capitalism; the internal tensions of Accelerationism

28 Dez , 2017  

Accelerationism talk – Rotterdam – 19.4.15

I want to begin by admitting that I am not an Accelerationist. I usually work between the fields of philosophy, art and politics, and my main reference point is the work of Deleuze and Guattari. So while my account of Accelerationism is obviously effected


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Dromology, Bolidism and Marxist Accelerationism. Fragments of Communism Between al-Khwarizmi and Mach

21 Dez , 2017  

Dromology, Bolidism and Marxist accelerationism, an odd text by Obsolete Capitalism written in the summer of 2015, represents the first endeavor in the speculative philosophical sphere known by the equally eccentric name of “accelerationism”. The main source of the book is Matteo Pasquinelli’s Algoritmi del Capitale (Ombre Corte, 2014), followed ...

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Black Accelerationism

1 Nov , 2017  


If accelerationism has a key idea, it is that it is either impossible or undesirable to resist or negate the development of the commodity economy coupled with technology. Rather, it has to be pushed harder and faster, that it has to change more rather than less.

It is an ...

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Das 24/7-Kapital und seine infantilisierten Endprodukte

24 Okt , 2017  

Das 24/7-System des Kapitals generiert wie eine gut geölte Tretmaschine unablässig asoziale Modelle des automatisierten Funktionierens – der Mega-Motor des Super-Kapitals treibt die Kalkulation, Quantifizierung und Verwertung des Lebendigen und des Toten mit Prozeduren voran, die unerkennbar lassen, auf wessen Kosten die laufende Betriebsamkeit geht und wer von ihr profitiert. ...

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Algorhythmic Horizion

17 Okt , 2017  

Previously published in Migrant 2 (Wired Capital), 48–57. Printed in late May 2017. With links and pictures added in October 2017.

taken from here

A small remark in the third volume of Marx’s Capital (1894) edited by his friend Engels, usually overlooked, says that telegraph wires, together with steamboat lines ...

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Panic Encyclopedia

16 Sep , 2017  

Panic is the key psychological mood of postmodern culture.

pdf here


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10 Sep , 2017  

Rage without utopian prospects of real change is like living in a favela on the edge of Pandemonium waiting for the rebellion to begin, no matter what you do you are still trapped in a sub-basement of Hell with no prospects of escape. Rage is useless when there are no ...

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Bemerkungen zu Stieglers „Automatic Society. The Future of Work“ (3)

26 Jul , 2017  

Im dritten Kapitel seines Textes vollzieht Stiegler im wesentlichen Jonathans Crays Beschreibungen des heute ubiquitären 24/7-Taktes im Rahmen eines globalisierten Kapitalismus nach. Also folgen wir ihnen.

Ein 24/7-System generiert andauernd asoziale Modelle eines automatisierten Funktionierens – die Kalkulation, Quantifizierung und Verwertung des Lebendigen, Motoriken der Verwertung, die jedoch unerkennbar lassen ...

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Tiqqun on speed and strategy

17 Jun , 2017  

People have often insisted — T.E. Lawrence is no exception — on the kinetic dimensions of politics and war as a strategic counterpoint to a quantitative concept of relations of force. That’s the typical guerrilla perspective as opposed to the traditional perspective. It’s been said that if it can’t be ...

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16 Jun , 2017  

In recent months I’ve remained quiet about the speculative turn, mostly because I’m reticent to rekindle the “Internet war” that broke out a couple of years ago mostly on blogs but also in various published papers. And while I’ve taught accelerationism in my recent graduate seminars, I opted for radio


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The Suicidal Civilization: Technopessimism and the Coming Collapse

8 Jun , 2017  

…suicide is the decisive political act of our times.
― Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Precarious Rhapsody
It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late.
― Emile Cioran, The Trouble with being Born

Base materialism begins in the tomb, a world of death that ...

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Accelerated Fantasies (Lapo Berti)

5 Apr , 2017  

Lapo Berti:

… I have already said how I was struck by the lack of analysis of the Accelerationist hypothesis. I also want to stress that this is the least Marxian, if not the most anti-Marxian, conduct. According to Marx the crucial effort was constituted by the critique of the ...

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