Connegactive-Approaches, to the Production of Vibrational Matter

It must be taken into consideration that Earth is an assemblage; in isolation it is in a continuous becoming-toward-death. It is only through a becoming-toward-knowledge in which an entering into unheard expressive territories unveils a tuning-bridge to the plane of duality comprehension. It is necessary that any body in attempt to connect to this plan(e) practices precision-discipline. Planetary uncertainty of chaos on Earth is a result of the axiomatization of the body of the Planet by Majoritarian sound. »Man has failed: spiritually, educationally, governmentally; he has failed. Well then, he should be a good sport and say ‘I give up, I need help.’« In his exploration of the potential impossible of the unknown, the truths Ra expounds has been attested to by scientists, theorists, philosophers, and musicians since the beginning of human sound as the cosmic vibrations have stayed relatively constant. »They say history repeats itself. But history is only his story. You haven’t heard my story yet.« Ra’s story is one of mystery. In approaching the plane of mystery, we must avoid blind submission to law. Law does not command, it advises. We have an opportunity to subvert law through the utilization of vibrations of precision-discipline. The potential of the myth, as opposed to the self-evidence of truth, uncovers a plethora of new ground on which we should build our way/weigh.

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taken from Achim Szepanski (Ed.) Ultrablack of Music

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