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Interview with Radio Študent, Ljubljana, Slovenia- Otitis Media

13 Jun , 2017  

Questions  – Andrej Tomažin

 Answers – Achim Szepanski

1. In the nineties, you were running the label Mille Plateaux and before that – in the eighties – you were a part of noise/post-punk collective PD and later P16.D4. With Mille Plateux and Force Inc. you’ve incorporated the Deleuzian-Guattarian rhizomatic (and ...

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One Click nach House / Das Force Inc Imperium

21 Mai , 2017  

Force Inc. ist zwar noch keine zehn Jahre alt, aber fast. Als das Label begann, tauchte zwischen den ersten Plus8-Platten auf einmal eine Alternative dieses Underground Techno Sounds aus Orten auf, die weder weit weg noch besonders aufregend klangen. Ganz im Gegensatz zur Musik. Was wir heute als Techno oder ...

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Technodeleuze and Mille Plateaux. Achim Szepanski’s Interview (1994-1996)

9 Mrz , 2017  

Achim Szepanski has been one of the “heroes” of the ‘90s thanks to the creation and the visionary promotion of his Mille Plateaux (1994-2004), the famous record label based in Frankfurt. Due to his peculiar philosophical theory applied to the digital culture, Szepanski has totally changed the electronic music panorama

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Technodeleuze e Mille Plateaux

16 Dez , 2016  

… Il primo motivo dell’importanza dell’azione di Szepanski, dunque, è legato al movimento verso l’esterno della filosofia deleuziana – un pensiero-rostro che uncina l’ electro , la ciberne- tica, così già predisposto nella sua stessa essenza astratta. Ne-gli anni novanta, infatti, si trattava di collegare tale gesto alle istanze artistiche ...

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Katja Diefenbach interviews Achim Szepanski (FORCE INC, MILLE PLATEAUX, RIOT BEATS)

10 Feb , 2016  

This interview was done in 1994, when Achim Szepanski founded Mille Plateaux after a long correspondence with Gilles Deleuze. Ten years later, in 2004, the label was destroyed by a kind of mafia-assemblage, consisting of the distributor EFA, the german state, Gema and other rackets.
Interview in german language here

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How Do You Make Music a Body without Organs? Gilles Deleuze and Experimental Electronica – Deutsch/english

10 Feb , 2016  

PDF in Deutsch Cox.Soundcultures.Deutsch


(This article appeared in German translation as “Wie wird Musik zu einem organlosen Körper? Gilles Deleuze und experimentale Elektronika” in Soundcultures: Über digitale und elektronische Musik, ed. Marcus S. Kleiner and Achim Szepanski [Frankfurt: Suhrkamp Verlag], 162–93.  A version in Italian was published in Millesuoni: ...

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