Deleuze and the Algorithm of the Revolution

The present writing was drafted and read by Obsolete Capitalism on the occasion of the ninth International Conference of Deleuze Studies in Rome last July 2016 at the department of Philosophy, Communication and Visual Arts of Roma Tre University. The edition, organized by Daniela Angelucci and Ivelise Perniola in collaboration with Deleuze Studies Journal, edited by Ian Buchanan for the Edinburgh University Press, was entitled Virtuality, Becoming and Life. The essay Deleuze and the Algorithm of the Revolution was presented on the 13th July in the panel Countless Life For a Liberation of Thought Wherever It Is Imprisoned, proposed by the online journal of philosophy La Deleuziana. In the appendix of the book it is the introduction to the panel by Paolo Vignola and Sara Baranzoni and the participants’ abstracts: Emilia Marra, Alexander Wilson, Anaïs Nony, Benoît Dillet, Sara Baranzoni, Obsolete Capitalism, Paolo Vignola.

Obsolete Capitalism thanks the organizational team of the conference in Rome, the editors of Deleuze Studies Journal and Deleuze Connections and Plateaus – New Directions in Deleuze Studies of the Edinburgh University Press, the participants to the panel, the journal “La Deleuziana” and the eager attending audience. 

Foto: Bernhard Weber
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