Problem, Struktur/Prozess und die Aktualisierung-Virtualisierung-Verschaltung bei Deleuze

29 Aug , 2020  

Liest man Deleuze nicht ausschließlich im Kontext einer vernunftkritischen Position, die gemeinhin mit transzendentalem Empirismus umschrieben wird (vgl. Rölli 2003), auch nicht als Befürworter eines ontologischen Realismus (vgl. De Landa 2006), dann ließen sich mit Deleuze (und Guattari) auch sozio-ökonomische, synthetische Strukturen der gegenwärtigen kapitalistischen Ökonomie im Kontext von begrifflichen ...

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Drive, Black Hole 2/10/1980

23 Jul , 2020  

Original Source:

Translated by Taylor Adkins 7/22/20

F : Freud’s first topographical theories were quite science-based, neurophysiological; then, along the way, these models become quasi-anthropomorphic; the second topographical theory—the ego that struggles with the id and the grimacing personage of the superego—is presented somewhat as a description that ...

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About the NON-Technological Use of Machines

8 Jul , 2020  

In the course of the industrial use of electricity, the emergence of new communication and transport technologies and routes (including their partial nationalization), the creeping process of dissolving the classical machinery of the industrial age or at least its integration into new contexts began towards the end of the 19th ...

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The War Machine Is Not Your Friend: Notes on Minoritarian Politics

21 Mai , 2020  

/0/. The Most Savage Fruit of Alienation

Despite the revolutionary promise of the nomadic war machines relation to the State, Deleuze and Guattari are quick to note that “…the present situation is highly discouraging. We have watched the war machine grow stronger and stronger…we have seen it assign it as its ...

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Deterritorialisierungen – Field Recordings, Perzepte, glatte Räume und organlose Körper.

7 Apr , 2020  

Wie in der tektonischen Diskordanz, in der durch tektonische Bewegungen; Faltung, Dehnung, Stauchung, Hebung, Senkung, oder durch singuläre vulkanische Ereignisse, Sedimentsschichten verkippt werden, können auch im Denken, durch äußere oder innere Sensationen innerpsychische Kommunikationsketten, sinnliche Unterscheidungen oder singuläre Ereignisse zu nicht übereinstimmenden Erkenntnissen, Überlagerungen von Erinnerungen oder Defundierungen und Diffundierungen ...

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Desire Is Power, Power is Desire

21 Mrz , 2020  

Felix Guattari: After a systematic attack (at least I think so) on psychoanalysis, Gilles Deleuze and I began asking ourselves about the linguistic and semiotic conceptions underlying formations of power in psychoanalysis, in the university, and in general.  ​A sort of generalized suppression of what I call the semiotic components ...

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Ultrablack of Music / Vorwort – Technokulturen, unmenschliche Rhythmusmächte und das Ultra-Schwarz der Nicht- Musik

16 Mrz , 2020  

“Blitze explodieren zwischen verschiedenen Intensitäten, aber ihnen geht ein unsichtbarer, nicht wahrnehmbarer, dunkler Vorbote voraus, der ihren Weg im Voraus determiniert, aber (wie eine Gravur) in umgekehrter Richtung. Ebenso enthält jedes System seinen dunklen Vorboten,
der die Kommunikation der peripheren Serien gewährleistet. Wie wir sehen werden, wird diese Rolle, angesichts ...

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Underground Intensities: The Gothic Marxism of Deleuze and Guattari

22 Feb , 2020  

taken from The Wasted World

Within the pages of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s collaborative works recur images of the most unsettling kind. Writing of capital’s endless thirst for living labour, they remark that it “is no longer the cruelty of life, the terror of one life brought to bear ...

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Deleuze/Guattaris Diagram

7 Feb , 2020  

In antiquity, the word “Dia-graphein” referred to the inscription of a line, namely in geometric tables, lists, musical notations, etc. Not only were plans and figures designed with the help of lines, but there were also numerous markings and even crossings, which then called into question the stability of the ...

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The concept of capital at Deleuze/Guattari or the anarchy of machines

19 Jan , 2020  

The flow of subjective labor and the flow of objective capital. At the point in time, more precisely, in the passage of time (which has extended over longer historical periods), in which per se contingent encounters (those of the flows of money capital and labour) have “taken hold” (Althusser), as ...

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Introduction: Logos or Abstract Machines? (part 2)

27 Dez , 2019  

If it is true chat abstract machines arise neither from the subject-object phenomenological couple, nor the set-subset logical couple, and consequently escape from the semiological triangle denotation representation-signification, then how do we conceive the possibility of saying anything about them? What will become of representation when there is no longer ...

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Introduction: Logos or Abstract Machines? (part 1)

26 Dez , 2019  

Does the unconscious still have something to say to us? We have saddled it with so much that it seems to have resolved to keep silent. For a long time it was believed to be possible to interpret its messages. A whole corporation of specialists worked away at this task. ...

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