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Subsumption and Crisis

9 Jul , 2018  

Though it has various senses in general usage,  subsumption  is a term of art within Marx’s critical political economy. It is sub-divided into  formal subsumption and  real subsumption . These designate changes to the production process during the transition to, and ongoing development of capitalism. These changes in aggregate may

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Global Significance of Chinese Investments

4 Jul , 2018  

What are fitted values in statistics?

The values for an output variable that have been predicted by a model fitted to a set of data. a statistical is generally an equation, the graph of which includes or approximates a majority of data points in a given data set. Fitted values ...

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Der Begriff der Infrastruktur bei Laruelle

24 Mai , 2018  

Die Vielzahl der Probleme, die der Marxismus dem Nicht-Marxismus aufgibt, betreffen weniger die Programme, die Texte oder die Intentionen, sondern sie konzentrieren sich auf den Gebrauch eines theoretischen Stils. (Ebd.: 63ff.) Laruelle definiert den nicht-marxistischen Stil als eine theoretische Sprache, die gemäß der radikalen Identität determiniert ist – Identität, die ...

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Schmieren / Kleben. Aus dem Archiv KKIII der Stadtpolizei Zürich 1976 – 1989

2 Apr , 2018  

1976 begann das Kriminalkommissariat III, die Staatsschutz-Abteilung der Stadtpolizei Zürich, eine Kartei „Schmieren / Kleben‘ anzulegen. Darin wurden politische Parolen, Farbmalereien, gesprayte Sprüche oder illegale Kunstaktionen, unter anderem von Harald Naegeli, erfasst, die alle den Tatbestand der Sachbeschädigung erfüllten. Die Polizisten im Einsatz fotografierten die „Schmierereien“ und hielten die Taten ...

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FORS and the new Global Wealth Report 2017

16 Nov , 2017  

The new Global Wealth Report 2017 is out. It says there is 280 trillion dollar global wealth and that there will be 341 trillion dollar by 2022.

As always, you have to consider a few things: Some countries are missing in the stats, it’s only the wealth of adults and ...

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a very short intro to afro-pessimism

8 Okt , 2017  

This is an introduction written to preface a new book, Afro-Pessimism: An Introduction, put out by Racked & Dispatched. Check out that site for more info and to get a free pdf of the entire book. Preface

In June 2017, a Black off-duty cop was coming to assist some ...

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Žižek’s Dialectical Coincidentia Oppositorium

24 Sep , 2017  

Without doubt, the cogent interlacing of Lacanian theorization with Hegelianism manifests Žižek’s prowess in articulating a highly pertinent critique of ideology for our epoch, but whether this comes from a position of Marxist orthodoxy or a position of a Lacanian doctrinaire who monitors Marxist politics is an open question.

Through ...

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Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Frieden

11 Sep , 2017  

Wenn die Atombomben gezündet werden, sind wir tot. Mit den Gegnern der Nachrüstung und der Neutronenbombe aber müssen wir leben. Wenn die Bombe gefallen ist, leidet niemand mehr. Wir leiden – im Atomzeitalter eilen die Kriegsfolgen dem Krieg voraus – an ihren vorweggenommenen politischen Folgeschäden. Danach soll es angeblich singende ...

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10 Sep , 2017  

Marxism may have “lacked” the Real and tied its fate to the history-world. It may have consequently lacked the theory according-to-the-Real of this history-world. These are not just some “observations,” but a new style of theoretical hypotheses. They assume a “program” as much as they imply that program.
Compared to ...

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The Concept of a ‘First Technology’

5 Sep , 2017  

Laruelle, François. “Le concept d’une ‘technologie première’” in Gilbert Simondon: une pensée de l’individituation et la technique. Paris: Albin Michel, 1994. 206-219.

The Concept of a “First Technology”

François Laruelle

A “Unified Theory” of Technics and Technology

In order to define the object of which we speak and to ...

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Smart Cities and Dark Neoliberalism

4 Aug , 2017  

As I was reading an article on the supposed hidden ideology underlying the rise of the Smart City on e-flux blog: The hidden ideology behind the “smart city”  I kept thinking to myself:

Look at New York City for a model of the coming Smart City as total ubiquitous control, ...

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Selected Writings

14 Jul , 2017  

The human species is doubtless the only one to have invented a specific mode of disappearance that has nothing to do with Nature’s law.


pdf here

Foto: Bernhard Weber


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16 Jun , 2017  

In recent months I’ve remained quiet about the speculative turn, mostly because I’m reticent to rekindle the “Internet war” that broke out a couple of years ago mostly on blogs but also in various published papers. And while I’ve taught accelerationism in my recent graduate seminars, I opted for radio


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Skizzen: Bedingungsloser Grundbesitz, Minderwert, Geldschöpfung und -vernichtung

18 Mai , 2017  

[Das folgende, leicht abgeänderte und ergänzte Fragment entstand während einer Diskussion mit Achim Szepanski im Jahre 2014 zum Thema Mehrwert als Differenzproduktion und zur Homogenität des Geldes. Es stellt eine Skizze der “monetären” Fragen der FORS Simulation dar.]

Mehrwertproduktion ist tatsächlich Differenzproduktion, das ist wohl wahr und meines Erachtens (so ...

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Wikipedia article: Universal Basic Property

9 Mai , 2017  

The Universal Basic Property (shortened: UBP) is an idea invented by Anna Newspeak. It describes the proposition of substituting the monetary, financial, capital and therefore class order through the set-up of a completely new capitalistic order and its relations by giving a Universal Basic Property of money to every person ...

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