Light Manifesto: Non-Philosophy and Meteophilosophy

Deleuze’s speculative suggestion on the dark precursor is not a
neutral “creative” cooperation with science that his “hybrid”
projects of geophilosophy, schizoanalysis, and so on, were. The
dark precursor is mentioned once in Difference and Repetition as a
notion of a “vaguely scientific” discipline, and there was no broad
or explicit conceptual extension of it in Deleuze’s further
philosophy. But at the same time, this accidental usage of the
dark precursor uncovers the deep and fundamental sutures of
recent speculative philosophy with the physical investigation of
lightning. The fundamental questioning of philosophy, such as
Quentin Meillassoux’s speculative movement on “hyperchaos,” is
localized within the meteorological chains of the cosmic order of
the principles of lightning’s genesis. In such meteophilosophy, we
can find a way to suspend the transcendental limits of
logocentrism, in its logo-photo-centric edition proposed by
François Laruelle. Logo-photo-centric thought constituted by the
light manifesto, or by the light as Flash, can be suspended by the
anti-manifestational short-circuits of meteophilosophy’s
speculative models. Such short-circuits, from the other side,
constitute the core of the lightmares of thought that did not even
come to Laruelle in his non-philosophical dreams.

read in Stasis

Foto: Stefanb Paulus

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