Slime ethics: Lovecraft and becoming-alien

In recent years H.P. Lovecraft gathered a lot of interest from modern philosophers, most  visibly in the writings of Graham Harman and other speculative realists like Reza Negarestani or Eugene Thacker. His writings were also, perhaps unexpectedly, taken up by queer and feminist theorists like Patricia MacCormack or Donna Haraway. It could be argued that this influence became set in stone with the collection of critcal essays called „The Age of Lovecraft” published by Minnesota University Press in 2016. What is often overlooked is that this recent venture comes years after Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari summoned the spirit of Lovecraft in their groundbreaking A
Thousand Plateaus back in 1972 . Why this renaissance then? What would make 1 one claim that, given  that almost a century has passed since his death, we live in the age of Lovecraft?


pdf here:Frelek_Slime ethics_tp_

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