2 Dez , 2019  

Cue the TERF wars. The coming responses to Andrea Long Chu’s book Females — there will be many so get ready — are so predictable they practically write themselves. Some will most certainly object to Chu defining female via the negative, any negative. And anyway, they will claim, only an ...

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Mexico: No one said it was peaceful

22 Aug , 2019  

First published on Antagonismo, on Aug 17th 2019. An account by an anarchist feminist in Mexico City. Translator’s note: throughout feminine adjectives were used which cannot be replicated in English. The translation follows.

The Mexican State, the media, the people who call us liars every time we denounce sexual assault, ...

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What would it mean to love as a Communist? To love as a comrade?

6 Okt , 2017  


This is a modified excerpt from a forthcoming publication of a roundtable discussion with Jules Joanne Gleeson, Andrew Culp, and myself. The full transcript will be able to be found in the forthcoming issue of 
Identities Journal.

Q. What opportunities does Marxist Feminism offer us for a


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Maria Mies, Silvia Federici, and Biopower

13 Jul , 2017  

In the 1970s, activists and intellectuals developed new modes of inquiry for understanding the administration, control, and punishment of human bodies, and the constitutive effects that these techniques had on our means of apprehending ourselves and communicating with others. While Michel Foucault’s work on biopolitics is a particularly celebrated example, ...

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Die globalen Wertschöpfungsketten und das globale Proletariat

23 Jun , 2017  

Die Automation, deren Anwendung heute ohne den umfassenden Einsatz von Informationstechnologien allerdings nicht möglich wäre, ist seit den 1980er Jahren eine wesentliche technologische Komponente der neuen internationalen Dynamik der Kapitalakkumulation, wobei weltweit einerseits sogar neue Arbeitsplätze geschaffen (vor allem in Asien), andererseits in den Kernländern des Kapitals massenhaft Arbeiter aus ...

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Slime ethics: Lovecraft and becoming-alien

16 Jun , 2017  

In recent years H.P. Lovecraft gathered a lot of interest from modern philosophers, most  visibly in the writings of Graham Harman and other speculative realists like Reza Negarestani or Eugene Thacker. His writings were also, perhaps unexpectedly, taken up by queer and feminist theorists like Patricia MacCormack or Donna Haraway. ...

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16 Jun , 2017  

In recent months I’ve remained quiet about the speculative turn, mostly because I’m reticent to rekindle the “Internet war” that broke out a couple of years ago mostly on blogs but also in various published papers. And while I’ve taught accelerationism in my recent graduate seminars, I opted for radio


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The Swervers vs. the F*ck-Annies

23 Mai , 2017  

Recently the Center for 21st Century Studies in Milwaukee staged a conference with the enticing title “The Big No.” I wasn’t at the conference, but know a few people who were, and I watched a couple of the talks online. Among other things, the conference was notable for bringing both ...

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Skizzen: Bedingungsloser Grundbesitz, Minderwert, Geldschöpfung und -vernichtung

18 Mai , 2017  

[Das folgende, leicht abgeänderte und ergänzte Fragment entstand während einer Diskussion mit Achim Szepanski im Jahre 2014 zum Thema Mehrwert als Differenzproduktion und zur Homogenität des Geldes. Es stellt eine Skizze der “monetären” Fragen der FORS Simulation dar.]

Mehrwertproduktion ist tatsächlich Differenzproduktion, das ist wohl wahr und meines Erachtens (so ...

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15 Mai , 2017  

Before getting right into the work of SAD ASIAN GIRLS CLUB and some of the ideas and politics behind what SAGC produces, could you tell us a little bit about how you all came together and started this project? Has SAGC kept (relatively) the same members since it was first ...

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Malabou’s Life Resistance

19 Apr , 2017  

Catherine Malabou is one of the most interesting thinkers working today. She has a broad facility with Western philosophy, writing on Kant, Hegel, Derrida, the themes of temporality, plasticity, difference, technology, and many other things. And at the same time she has published extensively on neuroscience and issues surrounding the ...

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HKRB Interviews: Andrew Culp

6 Feb , 2017  

Alfie Bown: Your book is just 77 pages long but your project and its scope is huge. Your aim has been to recover Deleuze from those who saw him as the philosopher of “joyous affirmation” and who experienced his work (without perhaps always admitting it) as vitalist, life-affirming and even ...

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