Stocks Are Up. Wages Are Down. What Does it Mean?

8 Sep , 2020  

If you listen carefully, you can hear Jeff Bezos getting richer. There’s the sound again. Another billion in Bezos’ coffers.

Let’s put some numbers to this sound of money. Since 2017, Bezos’ net worth has grown by about $4 million per hour — roughly 500,000 times the US minimum wage.1 This ...

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Barbarism of Employment

11 Sep , 2019  

In principle, fictitious capital always arises when a money owner leaves his money to another person and in return receives a title of ownership (bond, share, etc.) representing the claim to this money and its increase (e.g. in the form of interest or dividends). In this way, the original sum ...

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Imperialism or (and) Capitalist Expansionism. Some Thoughts on Capitalist Power, the Nation-State and the Left

22 Sep , 2017  


This paper critically reviews some fundamental theses of the theories of imperialism. It claims that a theory of imperialism, if based on Marx’s theory of capitalism, shall on the one hand reject the traditional monopoly-capitalism approach and on the other adopt a broader definition of imperialism, denoting the (economic, ...

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