Climate Change and Migration in the Kinocene

25 Jan , 2020  

In this intervention, I put forward  five short theses on the topic of  ‘ Anthropocene mobilities. ’  My aim is not to unpack every concept con-tained herein but rather to provide a provocative introductory synthesis of  five big ideas about Anthropocene mobility for further discussion. 1) Weare living in the ...

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Kinopolitics: Borders in Motion

1 Feb , 2019  

Movement is a common feature of all posthuman systems. In contrast to
essences, forms and structures, which are defined by stasis, immutability,
fixity and anthropocentrism, kinetic systems are defined by their flux,
mobility and circulation. Kinetic systems are not just ‘open’ or ‘closed’ at
their limits but the whole system ...

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