Climate change is a weapon of primitive accumulation

26 Sep , 2020  

Climate change is a weapon of primitive accumulation 

Climate change has disproportionately negative effects on poorer countries and people of color, and disproportionally positive effects on receiving countries that benefit from hyper-exploitable and precious labor – what I call a ‘reserve climate labor army.’ This asymmetry is the result ...

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Ein Abschiedsgruß an unseren Freund Muhamad Gulzar, der an der Grenze am Evros getötet wurde

8 Mrz , 2020  

Das Gerücht über einen zweiten Flüchtling, der an der Grenze getötet wurde, verbreitete sich vor drei Tagen. Wie konnten wir uns vorstellen, dass es unser Freund sein könnte? Wie konnte das passieren? Und gestern die ersten Berichte. Seine Frau, die in einer Reportage von Sky News auftaucht. Eine Nahaufnahme, außerhalb ...

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6 Mrz , 2020  

The argument of this paper is that the migrant is also a defining
figure of neoliberal social reproduction. This argument is composed of
three interlocking theses on what I am calling the “neoliberal migrant.”

Thesis 1: The first thesis argues that the migrant is foremost a socially
constitutive figure. That ...

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Kinopolitics: Borders in Motion

1 Feb , 2019  

Movement is a common feature of all posthuman systems. In contrast to
essences, forms and structures, which are defined by stasis, immutability,
fixity and anthropocentrism, kinetic systems are defined by their flux,
mobility and circulation. Kinetic systems are not just ‘open’ or ‘closed’ at
their limits but the whole system ...

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Theory of the Border

31 Jan , 2019  

Border circuit: (1) Migrants cross the border. But the border is a junction, a vehicle of harnessed flows. The border acts as a sieve or filter since it allows capital and the global elite to move freely, but, like a yoke, catches the global poor. (2) A flow of migrants ...

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We are entering a new epoch: the century of the migrant

15 Nov , 2018  

The rhetoric of migrant “invasions” is back again. Donald Trump has recently described the caravan of Central American refugees marching to the US as “an onslaught,” “an assault on our country,” and an “invasion,” repeating the words of Robert Bowers, who shot can killed 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh Synagogue ...

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Figures of the migrant: Structure and resistance

14 Sep , 2018  

More specifically, however, the primary confusion here is that I included denationalized  refugees in the category of the proletariat when in fact many, but not all, of these refugees did not work. While many worked illegally, there were and are today many refugees who would like to work but cannot ...

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The Political Centrality of the Migrant

15 Aug , 2018  

Political theory in the twenty-first century is at an interesting crossroads where migration has reached such a critical threshold that what seemed to be an exception has now become the rule. The question now is how to understand the rules of this game in a much more adequate way.

read ...

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Biopolitics, Documentation


29 Mai , 2018  

At the turn of the century there were more migrants than ever before in recorded history. Today, there are over 1 billion migrants. Each decade the percentage of migrants as a share of total population continues to rise and in the next twenty-five years the rate of migration is predicted ...

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Violence at the Borders: Nomadic Solidarity and Non- Status Migrant Resistance

27 Mai , 2018  

Abstract: This paper argues that borders and violence against migrants no longer takes place exclusively at the geographical space between two sovereign territories. Instead border violence today has become much more normalized and diffused into society itself. An entire privatized industry now capitalizes on the cycle of transporting, incarcerating, hiring, ...

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Biopolitics, Necropolitics


3 Mai , 2018  

… The nomad is the name of themigrant expelled from the territory, the barbarian is the name of the migrant expelled from political status or citizenship, the vagabond is the name of the migrant expelled from the juridical order, and the proletariat is the name of the migrant expelled from ...

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