The concept of capital at Deleuze/Guattari or the anarchy of machines

19 Jan , 2020  

The flow of subjective labor and the flow of objective capital. At the point in time, more precisely, in the passage of time (which has extended over longer historical periods), in which per se contingent encounters (those of the flows of money capital and labour) have “taken hold” (Althusser), as ...

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The Nature of Flows

21 Sep , 2018  

I would like to pursue the problem of the economy of flows; last time, someone wanted a more precise definition of flows, more precise, that is, than something which flows upon the socius. What I call the socius is not society, but rather a particular social instance which plays the ...

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Economy of the War Machine (Part III of IV)

4 Sep , 2017  

Part III. The Economic Concept of Ordinal Value in Chapter 9

Socially-necessary labor time, supply and demand, marginal utility, putative or nominal price, risk-weighted interest rates, or some combination of the above: what do all of these conceptions of the determinates of value share in common? In short, they are ...

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