Rocking holeness — Design, Enjoyment and the Symbiotic Real

26 Okt , 2017  

less than its parts (hk, 101ff.)?

This is a first attempt of many for a spectral remix and diffraction of Timothy Morton’s most recent (August 2017) book “Humankind. Solidarity with Nonhuman People” (abbreviated as hk) with the design classic “Design for the Real World” by Victor Papanek (abbreviated as dw). ...

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Metabolisms, Marxisms, & Other Mindfields

27 Sep , 2017  

he turbulence of the 21st century poses a serious analytical challenge: How does capitalism develop through nature, and not just act upon it? Try drawing a line around the “social” and “environmental” moments of financialization, global warming, resurgent fundamentalisms, the rise of China – and much beyond. The exercise quickly ...

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