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The fatal pressure of competition

8 Apr , 2018  

An einer Stelle erwähnt Kurz die Ähnlichkeit zwischen dem in der Leere laufenden, sich selbst vermehrenden Kapital und einer “Haltung” von suizidalen Attentätern, die nichts mehr stört und um ihrer selbst Willen zuschlagen. Hinzufügen wäre dem der Verweis auf die entgrenzende Dynamik eines durch und durch finanzialisierten Kapitals, welche die ...

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Marx 2000

4 Mrz , 2018  

After the end of state socialism, capitalism has turned the well-known Marxist metaphor of the undertaker into its opposite and integrated it into its own ideological repertoire. But, in claiming to bury the Marxian Theory once again, the official academic sciences certainly have the wrong body. Marx’s work represents, according ...

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Marx’s theory, the crisis and the abolition of capitalism

16 Jan , 2018  

In this 2010 interview, Robert Kurz discusses Marx’s theory of crisis, the theories of “collapse” advocated by a minority of Marxists (Luxemburg, Grossman, Mattick) in the early 1900s, the implications of the “third industrial revolution of microelectronics” for capitalist accumulation, Moishe Postone’s analysis of the crisis of abstract labor, “anti-industrialism”


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Against Labor, against Capital – An Interview with Robert Kurz

12 Okt , 2017  

An Interview with Robert Kurz – Sonia Montaño

1. What do you mean by “radical critique of value”?

As you know, the traditional Marxists of the workers movement only accused capitalism of depriving the wage workers of the famous surplus-value, which the owners of the means of production appropriate as ...

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