Regime Change im Iran durch harte Sanktionen?

1 Feb , 2019  

Interview mit Mohssen Massarrat

Es dürfte Trump schwerfallen, in den USA einen innenpolitischen Konsens für einen Krieg gegen Iran herzustellen, wenn klar ist, dass er sich eine massive Ablehnung der EU einhandeln würde. Deshalb müsste die EU schon jetzt erklären, dass sie einen Krieg gegen Iran ablehnt und sich nicht ...

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Arms and Oil in the Middle East: A Biography of Research

2 Jan , 2019  

Abstract or Brief Description

This essay interweaves two stories—one theoretical and empirical, the other autobiographical. The first story embeds the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the broader political economy of the Middle East and the global accumulation of “capital as power.” The second story narrates the authors’ personal journey to uncover, theorize, ...

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Blood and Oil in the Orient, Redux

11 Dez , 2017  

This research note updates selected charts from three previous papers. The new data present a rather startling picture, suggesting that the Middle East – and the global political economy more generally – might face an important crossroads. Our assessment here rests on the analysis of capital as power, or CasP. ...

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Saudi Arabia and Imperialism

27 Jun , 2017  

Saudi Arabia has been a major player in Middle East politics. It backed the 2013 overthrow of the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt, since the example of an elected government of a major country next door was not welcome to the Saudi family autocracy. It has suppressed Shia-based protests in Bahrain ...

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