‘The Mental Diaspora of the Networks’

28 Dez , 2019  

Videos, interactive screens, multimedia, the Internet, Virtual Reality: interactivity threatens us on all sides. What was once separated is everywhere merged. Distance is everywhere abolished: between the sexes, between opposite poles, between the stage and the auditorium, between the protagonists of the action, between the subject and the object, between ...

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The Messianic Messing-Up – Notes on Gianluca Iadema’s Aphàiresis

30 Okt , 2019  

Prologue: “Something did not work,” a replica of G.S. said, “we do not know why exactly. Some say that the “vessels” could not contain the data and thus were broken. The data were dispersed. Many of them returned to their source; some “sparks” fell downward and ...

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A Report on Cyberfeminism (1999)

3 Okt , 2018  

An editor in Spain reminded me of this piece written almost twenty years ago. I’m reposting it here, but please read with a dose of generosity. I was quite young when I wrote it, many of the links are dead, and the discourse of digital studies has changed a great


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