Ten Thousand Million

taken from the book Ultrablack of Music

The vast world Sound is blackened through and through. All sound objects in this world are becoming more and more dark: ten thousand million electronic sounds called »Preset 01«; ten thousand million concrète sounds called »rec 01«; ten thousand million rhythmic sounds called »groove 01«; ten thousand million acoustic sounds called »instrument 01«; ten thousand million deep drones; ten thousand million looped rhythms; ten thousand million granular syntheses; ten thousand million desertions of the dance floors; ten thousand million from the DJ’s first »endarkenment«; ten thousand million beats per minute; ten thousand million wavetables; ten thousand million vector syntheses; ten thousand million consummated ecstasies; ten thousand million crossfades; ten thousand million MIDI channels; ten thousand million software updates; ten thousand million shared mp3 files; ten thousand million needle pulses; ten thousand million envelope speeds; ten thousand million frequency bands; ten thousand million self-oscillations; ten thousand million pure sine wave tones; ten thousand million vibration amplitudes, ten thousand million silences.

The 1st Harmonics are surrounded by an orbit of sound dust, just as all ten thousand million sound fields that are generated between the large loudspeakers.

Hearers in ten thousand million darkened worlds hear samples being triggered from all ten directions, followed by as many modulations as there are Ultrablack spectrums. The targets of these modulations are infinite. At their lowest edit level they are: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.

VOice enCOder DEcodeR analyze ten thousand million signals and assign them to their carriers.

  1. Vocoder_1 vibrates monophonic

»The more subtractive, the blacker the sound synthesis.

Whoever understands blackness of music realizes its ineffectiveness. Black is not Ultrablack. Whoever hears the distortion of all sounds, will soon become Ultrablack.

Whoever listens to this world, but has no affection for any of its sites, even to the place of Black Noise, may soon reach Ultrablack.

Whoever understands the spirit of impartiality through ten thousand million partial tones, hears Ultrablack and can no longer be measured. No measures, no enclosures, no properties are the sign of ultrablack scores.

Whoever hears herself in the Black Noise and is grounded on the equality of the two, dances the »dance-without-dancing«. This is sublation of all voltage controlled amplification (VCA).

Bodies and sensations are not determinable by numbers. No dance is determinable by numbers. The distinction is never numerical. Whoever hears this difference will soon become Ultrablack.

The hearer is not heard. What is heard is not hearing. Hearers and hearing are muting the whole world.

Ten thousand million noise gates open in an instant and yet nothing is triggered. This means Ultrablack is near.

There is no oscillator, no modulator, no fading. Whoever reads the diagram in this way will hear the Black Noise.

Whoever understands the immensity of Ultrablack hears the immeasurable. The incessant change is without intensity. Every filter is driven into self-oscillation.

The many waveforms radiate across this world of sound and blacken the vast worlds in all ten directions. All sound sources in these worlds, from ten thousand million speakers to ten thousand million headphones, are getting darker.«

  1. Vocoder_2 vibrates in stereo

»To hear how the tones are controlled by frequency confusion, suppressed into narrow bandwidths, struggling with phase shifts, and yet still to progress on the blackest track, overthrowing sonic supremacy, is like going from Black to Ultrablack.

With the antagonism of Attack and Release, and the abolition of Decay and Sustain, to hear the essence of sounds – this is understanding Blackness, unchaining the synthesizer from the circuit of the control voltage.

To vanquish the oppressing rulership of time based scores, and to hear ten thousand million sounds in a single moment – this is advancing the Ultrablack of Music.

To beat the soundless drum and shake off all DJs from all dance floors in all ten directions – this is desiring the Ultrablack of Music.

Vibrating over immense and immeasurable frequency ranges, the Sound System is emitting pulses in countless dance floors without ever being sampled. Its noise component is just like the noise of the cosmos.

Electric hum is as pure as empty space.

The countless frequencies of the 2nd Harmonics oscillate across the ten directions and blacken all gravitational waves. Echoes reflect in all ten directions. Everything in each of these wave shapes, from the ten thousand million sub oscillated infra forces to the ten thousand million bus-powered forces, blackens with lucid emergence.«

  1. Vocoder_3 vibrates ghost waves

»The blackened hears all sound like infrasound of a reverberating void. Her mind is pure and infinite. Hence ten thousand million synthesizers can be tuned and detuned to all ten thousand million intonations.

When dancers are projected on the dance floor, their beautiful bodies darken the fading light. The resonating bodies are mapped onto all ten directions, free from the constraints of physical modeling. Reaching the other shore of the amplitudes by tone mapping is like transitioning from Black to Ultrablack.

Ten thousand million frequency relations are modulating all pulse widths, and feed ten thousand million oscilloscopes.

The white line of the sine wave graph vanishes. At the same moment, infra black intensity resonates throughout.

The countless frequencies of the 3rd Harmonics modulate all standing waves and force ten thousand million phase cancellations. All tone colors in these worlds of all ten directions are getting darker and darker. Everything in each of these worlds, from the ten thousand million spins of turntables to the ten thousand million turnings of the Wheel of pitch bend, blackens in lucid emergence.«

  1. Vocoder_4 vibrates quadraphonic

»The sound of the blackened is challenging. It is without gestalt and without sustain. Nevertheless, it emerges, for all the world to hear, to revolutionise all syntheses.

It has neither essence nor attribute. Its frequency range is void. The resonating body of the blackened is bright and pure.

The sample rates and the bit depths of the blackened are immeasurable and not detectable. But her sound vibrates due to Reflection in infinite worlds. It is not oppressed, neither by subjective performance instructions nor objective scores. She is liberated from the horror of bass and tonal superstructure. She no longer belongs to music. She is no longer owned by music. She no longer forms part of music. What she hears, resembles anything but music. She is not a subject of music ideology. And she is very close to Ultrablack.

She withdraws from being immanent to sound. Tracks seem still and void right from the first. All falsehood has vanished. She feels the throb of Ultrablack.

Freeing herself of vowels and consonants, she destroys reality in its heavy reliance upon words.

She listens to all ten directions, and is Transient in ten thousand million dance floors.

The countless frequencies of the 4th Harmonics oscillate in all worlds and modulate ten thousand million All Pass filters. Everything passes through these filters, and the vast world Sound is blackened through and through.«

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