An invitation for a beautiful may in paris.

In April remain present, alert, but most of all prepare a truly revolutionary 1st of may in Paris. The two last ones where quite something, in spite of the growing ferocity of the police tactics. Moreover being sure that considering the date there will be a bunch of Italians, Greeks, Americans, English, Belgians, Germans that are somewhat tripping on may 68 or what happened in France theses past years. Obviously we will have to think of explicitly inviting them and making them feel they are more than welcome.

As for the following times, all is to be built , occupations, blockades, strikes, start-ups to be whipped off the map, nights of elaboration, wild demo’s like the ones we do not dare to carryout anymore, announced demo’s, a vast messing-up of the yuppified city center of Paris. We won’t be missing targets or opportunities in may 2018. For all that to happen we should from this day start encountering all the available forces from all horizons.

In short push our advantage(what the hell you are celebrating may 68 and rioting should be illegitimate, occupation illegal, a fainting power unimaginable, revolution impossible and happiness banished??!!)

Push our advantage to the breaking point. See you in a minute, round the corner, for a private chat !

Nothing has ended, all is starting.


read in francais, german and english here

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