Three Months of Insurrection

2 Okt , 2019  

In the following timeline and interview, an anarchist collective in Hong Kong presents a complete overview of the months-long uprising, reviewing its achievements, identifying its limits, celebrating the inspiring moments of mutual aid and defiance, and critiquing the ways that it has yet to pass beyond a framework based in ...

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The virtues of the inexplicable – apropos the yellow vests

19 Feb , 2019  

(This article first appeared on Analyse Opinion Critique and has been translated from french by David Broder and published the Verso Books blog. It is also available in spanish at Lobo Sueulto.)

Explain the gilets jaunes? What are we supposed to explain? Give reasons why things happen that we didn’t expect? ...

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Fifteen theses on [débordement*] excess (written in one night)

13 Jan , 2019  

[*To overflow, overrun, the limits or confines of something; a great abundance or profusion; a moment or movement of excess; to outmaneuver; to be overtaken by events, of one’s own making or not, to the point of being unable to act]

Thesis nº 1: excess exceeds

Flames in ...

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Next Stop: Destitution

4 Dez , 2018  

Published on Lundi Matin, Dec 3, 2018 – Translated by Ill Will Editions

Contrary to all that we’re hearing, the real mystery is not that we revolted, but the fact that we didn’t do it sooner. What’s abnormal is not what we’re doing now, but all that we’ve put up ...

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16 Mai , 2018  


These guys I’d talked to about the struggle couldn’t accept it, they didn’t know what the fuck to do. They didn’t understand what I was proposing. They felt somehow that what I was proposing was right, but they didn’t know how to act on it. They didn’t understand ...

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May ’68 and its Afterlives

3 Mai , 2018  

During May 1968, students and workers in France united in the biggest strike and the largest mass movement in French history. Protesting capitalism, American imperialism, and Gaullism, 9 million people from all walks of life, from shipbuilders to department store clerks, stopped working. The nation was paralyzed—no sector of the ...

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An invitation for a beautiful may in paris.

12 Mrz , 2018  

In April remain present, alert, but most of all prepare a truly revolutionary 1st of may in Paris. The two last ones where quite something, in spite of the growing ferocity of the police tactics. Moreover being sure that considering the date there will be a bunch of Italians, Greeks, ...

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