Can Coffee be Sustainable ?

12 Sep , 2019  

After participating at the Sustainability Congress one day before WOC Berlin June 2019, I was thinking : what a mess…can coffee really be sustainable?

Especially after the presentation from Nespresso i had to LOL !

I questioned Mr.Ranitzsch about Nespresso Mexico and the Problems and Resistance against the Robusta Project ...

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Say NO to Nestle, No to Monocrops & No to Corporate Coffee

7 Feb , 2019  

Last month Nestle, the second biggest food and beverage company in the world, announced plans to build a $154 million dollar coffee processing plant in Mexico. Despite earning $7.3 billion in profits last year, they are requesting that the Mexican government subsidize the planting of 80,000 hectares of Robusta coffee ...

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