24 Apr , 2020  

Als ich vor 20 Jahren mit den Dreharbeiten zu meiner Filmdokumentation ´Cafe Rebeldia` über zapatistische Kaffeestrukturen und die Kaffeekrise in Mexico begann, war mir noch nicht klar, wie dieser weltgrößte Lebensmittelkonzern den Alltag in Mexico bestimmt. Angefangen vom Anbau bis hin zur Kaffeekultur und Kaffeekonsum sind sie marktbestimmend und setzten ...

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Can Coffee be Sustainable ?

12 Sep , 2019  

After participating at the Sustainability Congress one day before WOC Berlin June 2019, I was thinking : what a mess…can coffee really be sustainable?

Especially after the presentation from Nespresso i had to LOL !

I questioned Mr.Ranitzsch about Nespresso Mexico and the Problems and Resistance against the Robusta Project ...

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Say NO to Nestle, No to Monocrops & No to Corporate Coffee

7 Feb , 2019  

Last month Nestle, the second biggest food and beverage company in the world, announced plans to build a $154 million dollar coffee processing plant in Mexico. Despite earning $7.3 billion in profits last year, they are requesting that the Mexican government subsidize the planting of 80,000 hectares of Robusta coffee ...

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