Beyond “Control Societies”

5 Jul , 2020  

Radical indifference

Today, the behavioral and receptive patterns of the masses consist mostly of repetitive habits, although as users on the Internet they by no means remain passive, but are constantly involved in the pseudo-turbulent events via the social networks, in order to busily and employment-conform, sometimes even racist, produce ...

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The radical indifference of Facebook & Co is deeply inscribed in capital

9 Nov , 2019  

In her book Das Zeitalter des Überwachungskapitalismus Shosana Zuboff describes Facebook & Co as the masters of radical indifference. A new accumulation logic emerges in which the surveillance capital extracts human behavior and its seemingly useless surpluses, that is, absorbs data combined with other data to feed intelligent machines and ...

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Beyond Humanity: The Datacentric Worldview

22 Nov , 2018  

…new technologies may suggest, create, even impose new ends, never before conceived, simply by offering their feasibility.

—Hans Jonas, Toward a Philosophy of Technology

For years now philosophers, scientists, artists, pundits, academics, social-critics, etc. have spoken of the death of humanism and the rise of post-humanism. Hans Jonas in a ...

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