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Zones on Trauma: On Deleuze and Control

5 Dez , 2020  

First published in Coils of The Serpent: ISSUE 6 (2020): CONTROL SOCIETIES II: PHILOSOPHY, POLITICS, ECONOMY

In his discussion of the transition from the cinema of the movement-image to the cinema of the time-image, Deleuze famously makes way for the traumatic intrusion of history. This transition, he writes, is not ...

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Data Does Not Organize Itself

9 Feb , 2020  

In researching the relation between weaving and computation, I ran across this astounding passage by Ellen Harlizius-Klück:

What the Digital Humanities features, is rather the digital processing and representation of data. The concept of the digital itself is just as little explored as manual aspects of programming, which always include ...

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Analog Hall of Fame: Scale

10 Jan , 2020  

I said before that no one has yet patented a Meaning Machine. While that’s true in the abstract, I want to talk about the two most common ways to hack around the problem. First is labor and second is scale.

k-means clustering of random data points

Meaning is the “hard problem” ...

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Beyond Humanity: The Datacentric Worldview

22 Nov , 2018  

…new technologies may suggest, create, even impose new ends, never before conceived, simply by offering their feasibility.

—Hans Jonas, Toward a Philosophy of Technology

For years now philosophers, scientists, artists, pundits, academics, social-critics, etc. have spoken of the death of humanism and the rise of post-humanism. Hans Jonas in a ...

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