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Pataphor in Mechanism Design

3 Jun , 2017  

By contrast to Spinoza’s One-All, Laruelle’s notion of the One-in-One is a radical immanence (not ineffable, but ‘infinitely effable’), prior to difference and ontology, that determines all qualities in the last instance. By fiat, the One-in-One (A) has no ontology, so it can’t exist in the same ontology ...

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Élie Ayache’s The Medium of Contingency – A Review

6 Sep , 2016  


To understand the statement “Time is money”, who should we ask: a taxi driver, who has lived and breathed its truth every day, or some greasy graduate student who has read lots and lots of Deleuze? Like it or not, Ayache is our taxi driver, and the difference ...

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Intro to ∄ (There is no economic world)

16 Mai , 2015  

1. If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.” ~William Blake Proverbs of Hell

If philosophy is institutionalized ultracrepidarianism, non-philosophy is rigorous charlatanism. Laruelle shows us that it takes quite a bit of effort to say nothing at all. In a crisis-filled decade ...