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‘Inversion is not a strategy’ A Conversation with Jacques Camatte

23 Mai , 2020  

taken from Ill Will

Jacques Camatte was a central figure in the theoretical debates of the Italian communist left in the sixties and seventies, in the wake of the exhaustion of the revolutionary horizon. Camatte has written dozens of essays on the transformation of the logic of capital (Il ...

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A propos capital

16 Mai , 2020  

“The exact development of the concept of capital is necessary, since it is the fundamental concept of modern economics, just as capital itself, whose abstract counterpart (Gegenbild) is its concept, is the foundation of bourgeois society. The sharp formulation of the basic, presuppositions of the relation must bring ...

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Biopolitics, Documentation, NonPolitics

Against Domestication

31 Dez , 2017  

The time we are now living through is without doubt the most critical period capitalist society has ever known. All the features which we associate with the classic crisis now exist as a permanent state of affairs, though production itself has not been affected, except to a limited extent in ...

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