Unboxing the Hidden Labor of Saving Lives and Saving Capitalism

16 Jun , 2020  

To maintain the Western phantasm that ‘capitalism is an intelligent computer,’ the hidden labor of those whose hands silently uphold it is framed as heroic. This promotes sacrificing oneself for ‘the (operating) system.’ In this SILENT WORKS interview Magdalena Taube and Krystian Woznicki talk to Sydney-based scholar-activist Angela Mitropoulos about ...

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A propos capital

16 Mai , 2020  

“The exact development of the concept of capital is necessary, since it is the fundamental concept of modern economics, just as capital itself, whose abstract counterpart (Gegenbild) is its concept, is the foundation of bourgeois society. The sharp formulation of the basic, presuppositions of the relation must bring ...

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Paradoxical Politics: Why the System Relevance of Care Workers Can No Longer Be Denied

27 Apr , 2020  

he ‘corona crisis’ reveals that care workers play a particularly important role in post-industrial societies. In this SILENT WORKS interview Magdalena Taube and Krystian Woznicki talk to the scholar-activist Christine Braunersreuther about why this is only now coming to light and what political consequences it could have.

In the ‘ ...

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Ultra-Left FAQ

27 Jul , 2019  

The negation of work is the name of the process which abolishes work. The conversation around the abolition of work can get confusing because different theorists who write on this subject sometimes use the terms labor & work interchangeably, while others have specific definitions for each term.

Though this is ...

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Documentation, NonPolitics


9 Feb , 2018  

This world no longer needs explaining, critiquing, denouncing. We live enveloped in a fog of commentaries and commentaries on commentaries, of critiques and critiques of critiques of critiques, of revelations that don’t trigger anything, other than revelations about the revelations. And this fog is taking away any purchase we might ...

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11 Theses on Possible Communism

4 Feb , 2018  

In January 2017, comrades from across the globe gathered in Rome to assess the conditions of contemporary capitalism and to plan communist strategies for our present. Viewpoint, as a co-sponsor of the conference, participated in discussions locally and translated interviews with key participants. Today, one year later, we present our


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Beyond the Fragment: Postoperaismo, postcapitalism and Marx’s ‘Notes on Machines’, 45 years on

4 Nov , 2017  


2017 marks 45 years since the first English publication of Marx’s ‘Notes on machines’ in Economy & Society. This paper critiques how Marx’s ‘Fragment’ has subsequently been repurposed in postoperaist thought, and how this wields influence on contemporary left thinking via the work of Paul Mason. Changes in labour ...

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