#Chile: The way to do it is to be it

26 Dez , 2019  

Originally published by materiales x la emancipacion. Translated by Malcontent Editions

The way to do it is to be it

“If you don’t change direction, you could end up where you started from“

Lao Tze

The capitalist control over social production requires proletarians to submit voluntarily to the conditions which make their exploitation ...

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Elements for a cartography of belonging to a group

22 Jan , 2019  

The essay we (autonomies) share below is by the brazilian philosopher Peter Pál Pelbart. (In the absence of the original portuguese language version, our translation relies upon a spanish language translation published by lobo suelto!) The exercise undertaken is difficult (to conceptualise a community of the different) and it ...

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‘The Function of Autonomy’: Félix Guattari and New Revolutionary Prospects

10 Sep , 2018  

Félix Guattari is widely discussed among philosophers, particularly feminists and specialists in ecology and technology. But in the Anglophone world, political organisers tend to ignore him. In part this is due to academic paywalls and university strictures confining his work, but the problem goes further: the stylistic conservatism of so ...

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