DeRayling / New Album on Mille Plateaux

19 Mrz , 2020  

you can download the new album from DeRayling Mille Plateaux here

“>> I am who I am.

Exodus 3, 14

>> I am who I am. An axiom of hermetic philosophy.

Madame Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, p. 1

>>- Who are you? Asked simultaneously three hundred voices, while twenty swords flashed ...

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Mille Plateaux Albums 2020

6 Jan , 2020  

PreSales for Mille Plateaux Albums 2020 on Bandcamp here

MP4 Teruyuki Kurihara. Frozen Dust (digital, vinyl)

“Frozen Dust” is an album unified by the theme of “destruction” and “creation.”

Inspired by the power of nature; we’ve expressed how we humans overcome the magnificent phenomena and impacts nature has on us ...

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