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A New Approach – The Autumn of the Uprising

23 Okt , 2019  

The Gilets Jaunes, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Haiti, Egypt, Algeria, Guinea, Lebanon, Catalonia, and now Chile, these events mark the beginning of a new sequence of revolts.

We (Lundi Matin*) have received this written communiqué jointly from Santiago and Paris and hereby forwarded it.

Those certain Jemande (Quidams), another blow more… ...

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The Autumn of the Uprisings (1)

23 Okt , 2019  

“To abstain from violence against the violent is to become their accomplice. We do not have the choice between innocence and violence, but only between different forms of violence … Violence is the starting point common to all regimes. If one condemns all violence, one places oneself outside the realm ...

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