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8 Nov , 2019  

There are decades when nothing happens. And there are weeks in which decades happen.”
​Lenin ​Be it France, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Haiti, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Catalonia or Chile – the uprisings mark the beginning of a new cycle of struggles.

The current Riots open up a political ...

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The Autumn of the Uprisings (2)

24 Okt , 2019  

The protests against the G-20 summit in Hamburg in the summer of 2017 culminated in a micro-insurgency in the Schanzenviertel. For the first time in a long time, a social antagonism was ignited in Germany for a brief moment, the severity of which nobody had expected. The uprisings that have ...

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The Autumn of the Uprisings (1)

23 Okt , 2019  

“To abstain from violence against the violent is to become their accomplice. We do not have the choice between innocence and violence, but only between different forms of violence … Violence is the starting point common to all regimes. If one condemns all violence, one places oneself outside the realm ...

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25 Thesis about Time

30 Sep , 2019  

1) Economic quantities can also be changed in time precisely because money, as a so-called transcendental signifier for capital, possesses the quality of a pure quantity, with which money is released from current barter exchanges and thus as a monetary sign the time accumulated in the commodity is settled, which ...

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24/7 Capital

22 Sep , 2019  

The rhythms of life, the ups and downs of nature and everyday life must disappear in this world; for the weakness and inadequacy of human time, its diffuse and intertwined structures”, writes Jonathan Cray, “there is no place left in the present global digital 24-7 system. The 24/7 mode has ...

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21 Aug , 2019  

Circulation is a concept and category Marx uses to analyze capital as a process in addition to or, rather than, a relation. Marx’s analysis of the circulation process is challenging, which in part is due to the polysemy of circulation as a concept.

read here ...

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Full Metal Yellow Jacket

2 Feb , 2019  

(lundi matin #175, 22/01/2019)

Let us not sulk for our pleasure! The movement against the labour law of the spring of 2016, the defense of the ZAD of NDDL [Notre-dame-des-landes] in the spring of 2018 and finally the movement of the yellow vests that appeared in autumn 2018 and ...

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Money as Money: Suzanne de Brunhoff’s Marxist Monetary Theory

3 Jan , 2019  

Abstract: This article proposes the necessity to return to Suzanne de Brunhoff’s Marxist monetary theory in order to conceptualise the relationship between production and social reproduction within financialised capitalist social relations. De Brunhoff maintains a commitment to understanding «money as money» or money as an independent variable, with a ...

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Marx as a Dark Futurist

29 Dez , 2018  

Writing a century and half ago, it was Marx’s particular theoretical genius to see right through the opening moments of industrial capitalism to its closing moments in the form of virtual capital moving at the speed of circulation. Ironically, as a thinker who was historically fixed in the immediate vicissitudes ...

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Against the Valorization of Life – Part I

20 Sep , 2018  

We have nothing to sell you and we are not trying to seduce our fellow proletarians. We are not a groupuscule seeking to compete over prestige or influence with the rest of the other groupuscules and parties which claim to represent the exploited and which seek to govern them. We ...

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