Post by: Holger Schulze


SONIC THANATICISM. A Sensology of The Sonic Capital

11 Jul , 2020  

taken from the book “Ultrablack of Music”

you can order the book here or here


Consumer Citizen

Citizenship in the nation states of the early twenty-first century is inextricably bound to the praxis of consumption. Only if you consume in the requested, orderly, and obedient way, you can perform ...

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NON – Ultrablack Resistance

30 Apr , 2020  

The formal structures of time collapse, regress to mud, and
space is pushed back and forth until it bends to be trampled by the
pulsations of alien music, while the thinking space becomes seasick:
this is the disruption as it can be experienced when ultrablackness
hits you. When the all-consuming, ...

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