Adorno and Laruelle: The non-identical and the real

12 Jan , 2020  

Adorno speaks of the “non-identical being the own identity of the thing against its identifications” (Adorno, Negative Dialectic: 164). The cognition of the non-identical identifies differently from the identifying thinking, it emphasizes to say what something is, while the identifying thinking acts up as representation of the something that now ...

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6 Jan , 2020  

Laruelle often talks about the black universe and that philosophy is not dark enough. But what is black? Is black a colour and if so, can we see it?

Reza Negarestani has provided a mix of theory and fiction in his book Cyclonopedia, where he portrays the earth as a ...

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What is determination in the last instance? (20 points)

9 Dez , 2019  

1) For Laruelle, philosophy always revolves around dualities or differences, being – other, theory – practice, ontic-ontological, etc.

2) Laruelle leaves this terrain to fully invest his thinking power in the solutions of the One’s problem, or more precisely to develop an irreversible thinking in one or according to the ...

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7 Okt , 2019  

This text includes a presentation of TETRALOGOS, the new (2019) book by François Laruelle, followed by an examination of his formula for a «general science fiction» and a proposal to make this formula more generic.


some general considerations regarding the amplitude and inventiveness of Laruelle’s research program. (2) static ...

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Capital and Total Capital: The Quasi-Transcendental and the Actualisation- Virtualization Interconnection

24 Sep , 2019  

For a further explanation of the concept of capital we refer to the French philosopher François Laruelle, who in his conception of non-philosophy, when he speaks of “unilateral duality”, first generally assumes that two or more terms and their relations are always determined by one term. This is the principle ...

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Rhythmus und Zeit (Ultrablack of Music 3)

11 Dez , 2018  

Das Musik-Ereignis konstruiert die Zeit und seine Parameter konstituieren sich durch die Zeit: Dem Rhythmus inhäriert eine gequantelte, intensiv-variable und wellenförmige Zeit; eine Zeit, die durch Echos und das Klonen von Echos auch verschleppt werden kann, durch Hallblöcke gebrochen und schließlich geremixt wird. Kodwo Eshun fragt mit A Guy Called ...

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Derivat und Differenz. Zum Strategem der différance bei Derrida

1 Mrz , 2018  

Es geht bei den Derivaten immer auch um eine in der Zeit verschobene und sich verschiebende Differenzialität, wobei man diese mit Derridas Strategem der »différance«, das er in seiner Schrift Randgänge der Philosophie vorgestellt hat, umschreiben kann. (Derrida 1976: 6ff.) Für Derrida kombiniert das Strategem der différance je schon die ...

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