SONIC THANATICISM. A Sensology of The Sonic Capital

11 Jul , 2020  

taken from the book “Ultrablack of Music”

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Consumer Citizen

Citizenship in the nation states of the early twenty-first century is inextricably bound to the praxis of consumption. Only if you consume in the requested, orderly, and obedient way, you can perform ...

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Ultrablack of Music – Book & Compilation (Out NOW on Mille Plateaux/Non)

6 Dez , 2019  

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book and Compilation you can order here

  1. Foreword – Dark Precursions. Technocultures, Inhuman Rhythmights and the Ultra-Black of Non-Music
Jan Heintz

“Thunderbolts explode between different intensities, but they are preceded by an invisible, imperceptible dark precursor, which determines their path in advance but in reverse, ...

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