Spectral Composition: On Spectral Music, Drone Metal, and Electronic music

17 Nov , 2020  

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taken from the book Ultrablack of Music

A somber enthusiasm

In this essay, I don’t aim at analyzing a specific genre of music: my goal is rather to grasp a musical configuration encompassing musicians as different as Gérard Grisey, Sunn O ))), Thomas Köner, Chloé, Emptyset or ...

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NON – Ultrablack Resistance

30 Apr , 2020  

The formal structures of time collapse, regress to mud, and
space is pushed back and forth until it bends to be trampled by the
pulsations of alien music, while the thinking space becomes seasick:
this is the disruption as it can be experienced when ultrablackness
hits you. When the all-consuming, ...

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Ultrablack of Music – Compilation – Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux (Out Now)

29 Okt , 2018  

Force Inc. and Mille Plateaux will start a new series of compilations called “Ultrablack of Music”. The first compilation is compiled by Force Inc with a little help of Mille Plateaux. The second compilation will be a Mille Plateaux compilation, including book and sound.

Force Inc. explores the Black Music ...

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Technodeleuze and Mille Plateaux. Achim Szepanski’s Interview (1994-1996)

9 Mrz , 2017  

Achim Szepanski has been one of the “heroes” of the ‘90s thanks to the creation and the visionary promotion of his Mille Plateaux (1994-2004), the famous record label based in Frankfurt. Due to his peculiar philosophical theory applied to the digital culture, Szepanski has totally changed the electronic music panorama

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