Ultrablack of Music – Book & Compilation (Out in March 2020 on Mille Plateaux/Non)

6 Dez , 2019  

Frédéric Neyrat Spectral Composition: on Spectral Music, Drone Metal, and Electronic Music

Achim Szepanski Ultrablack of Music

Holger Schulze Sonic Thanaticism. A Sensology of The Sonic Capital

Algorithmic Committee The Scream and the Sound of the Flesh

Marcus Schmickler&Julian Rohrhuber Politics of Frequency

Stefan Paulus Deterritorializations – Field Recordings, Recipes, ...

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Rhythm in Economic Space

2 Apr , 2018  

The question of rhythm is a social, a cultural, and a political question. How to find a rhythm? And, more importantly, how can the economy find a rhythm, without tending towards the mastering of chaos and the prediction of unexpected events?  In his (onto)political discussion of The Power at the ...

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6 Mrz , 2018  


Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman — a rope over an abyss…What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal: what is lovable in man is that he is a transition… Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, ...

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Manifesto for future ambient

15 Feb , 2018  

Ambient is a music of lived moments.

Ambient recognizes control must be forgone with respect to how the music is encountered (but not how it is composed).

Ambient is experientially discrete, but not musically so.

Ambient acknowledges the deceit that is the promise of repetition.

Ambient is never only music ...

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The Ultrablack of Music/Lesung

30 Mrz , 2017  

Siks, Frankfurt: Donnerstag 6.4., ab 19:00 Uhr

Siks: here

The Ultrablack of Music

In einem parcours de force durchschreitet Achim Szepanski in dem kurzen Text “Ultrablackness in der Musik. Eine Non-Remixologie” Aspekte der elektronischen Musik bei Deleuze/Guattari und François Laruelle, fragt nach den Verbindungen und Verschiebungen zwischen Noise und Rhythmus  ...

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