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Money in Marx: From value-form Analysis to an Understanding of Modern Capitalism

26 Jan , 2019  

The rise of finance makes capitalist exploitation more effective but heav-ily reliant on market liquidity. When the latter evaporates, the whole setting quickly disintegrates. In other words, the demand for more discipline within capitalist power relations makes the economic milieu more vulnerable and fragile. Financial instability in our contemporary societies ...

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Marx on Money

20 Mrz , 2017  

Marx on money: From an analysis of the value-form to a critical understanding of contemporary capitalism
150 years Karl Marx’s “Capital” in Athens January 2017
Video (with english subtitles) here

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Financialization and Marx: Some Reflections on Bryan’s, Martin’s and Rafferty’s Argumentation

7 Feb , 2016  


The recent theoretical works of the authors provide thorough insights into the workings of contemporary capitalism. Derivatives are the key issue involved here. They comprehend financialization as a development within, rather than a distortion of, capitalist production. They nevertheless underestimate the ability of Marx’s analytical categories to capture the ...

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