Neoliberal Capitalism: Living and Thinking Like Pigs

29 Sep , 2019  

The title is borrowed from Gilles Châtelet’s book To Live and Think Like Pigs: The Incitement of Envy and Boredom in Market Democracies. What maxim does Châtelet refer to in his book that demands another life instead of a pig’s life? The answer is simple: Always unfold a ...

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On the Character of the Current Economic Crisis

15 Sep , 2018  

Spyros Lapatsioras,1 Leonidas Maroudas,2 Panayotis G. Michaelides,3 John Milios,4 D. P. Sotiropoulos,5

1. Introduction

In the third chapter of Capital Marx observed: “As long as the social character of labour appears as the money existence of the commodity and hence as a thing outside actual production, monetary crises, independent of ...

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Portfolio Society: On the Capitalist Mode of Prediction

2 Feb , 2018  

A specter is haunting Europe — and much of the rest of the world, for that matter. Even the holy father, who back in the day had joined the czar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals, and German police spies in denouncing the evils of Communism, is now claiming that a ...

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Cryptocurrency and Efficient Market Hypothesis. Drunken Risibility.

10 Sep , 2017  

According to the traditional definition, a currency has three main properties: (i) it serves as a medium of exchange, (ii) it is used as a unit of account and (iii) it allows to store value. Along economic history, monies were related to political power. In the beginning, coins were minted


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Finance Depends on Resistance, Finance is Resistance, and Anyway, Resistance is Futile

26 Jun , 2016  

Occupy Wall Street and the dawning of worldwide anti-austerity movements have occasioned a consideration of the economic and political power of financial speculation and raised the question of how it might be resisted. This essay argues hat the ideas of both “finance” and “resistance,” while convenient, demand deeper reflection. Specifically, ...

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Financialization and Marx: Some Reflections on Bryan’s, Martin’s and Rafferty’s Argumentation

7 Feb , 2016  


The recent theoretical works of the authors provide thorough insights into the workings of contemporary capitalism. Derivatives are the key issue involved here. They comprehend financialization as a development within, rather than a distortion of, capitalist production. They nevertheless underestimate the ability of Marx’s analytical categories to capture the ...

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