Marx` Theory of Value (4)

21 Dez , 2019  

Equivalence and Abstraction

The value forms presented so far contain an asymmetric or polar relation, whereby the property of symmetry and consequently the equivalence relation, which always includes referentiality, can already be established in the simple value form by means of the operation of reversing the respective “equation”. Here the ...

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On the Violent Abstraction of Nature

7 Aug , 2019  

It was E.P. Thompson who stated, in The Making of the English Working Class, that:

When we encounter some sonorous phrase such as “the strong ebb and flow of the trade cycle” we must be put on our guard. For behind this trade cycle there is a structure of ...

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Wandering Abstraction

20 Jan , 2019  

… Since the ‘we’ is constituted by the class relation, the self-overcoming of the ‘we’ is the overcoming of the relation that constitutes it. This is certainly theoretically uncompromising (and admirable because of it). But it is also paradoxical, and its paradoxical character exacerbates its status as a claim that ...

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Review of Blanchot’s Political Writings

15 Feb , 2018  

Tis review considers the collection Political Writings, 1953–1993 by Maurice Blanchot as ameans to assess the relatively little-known political odyssey of this writer and theorist. Noting theabsence of his earlier  right-wing political texts from the 1930s in this collection, it attempts to probe Blanchot’s idiosyncratic ‘ultra-left’ turn represented in

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