Lukács ’ Idea of Communism and its Blind Spot: Money

12 Nov , 2020  

The three main concepts of Lukács’ famous book History and Class Consciousness   are already contained in the title: History, Class and Consciousness. 1  These three concepts are especially developed in the longest and most important essay of the book, “Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat”. 2  I will bring ...

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Beyond Capitalism. Strategies for a Good Society in the “Era of Financialization”

31 Aug , 2020  

Spyros Lapatsioras, John Milios and Dimitris Sotiropoulos

Contemporary capitalism seems too far away from the implementation of any version of a good society.

read here ...

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The self-abolition of the proletariat as the end of the capitalist world

5 Mai , 2020  

The self-abolition of the proletariat as the end of the capitalist world (or why the current revolt doesn’t transform into revolution)

“Exploitation, which is necessary to sustain the economy, has in the generalized installation of capital, managed historically to overcome the attacks of the proletariat, since they have never put ...

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Planning and Anarchy

12 Feb , 2020  

Planning and Anarchy

Central planning?! Computers can do it!!! Among the intuitions animating the contemporary left, we must rank rather high the felt sense that powerful new computing technologies now offer a solution to problems of calculation previously insuperable for the red-eyed central planners of “actually existing” socialist states. This ...

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Some Principles of Geocommunism

1 Jan , 2020  

Nation-states dissolve into a global federation of dense cities counting one toten million and governed by the principle of subsidiarity. Large wilderness areasbetween these cities are left uninhabited, starting with today’s fragile ecosystems.All energy comes from renewables, all waste is recycled. Agriculture is done withinand close to urban areas, manufacturing ...

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Prole Wave: climate change, circulation struggles & the communist horizon

28 Okt , 2019  

A recent wave of protest activity against climate change, and general environmental degradation, has been seen around the world. But curiously open revolt around the world has not centered around climate change itself, but rather around circulation struggles: the name for struggles that occur beyond the point of production; ...

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Transcending the nation: a communist strategy in the era ofglobalization. A reply to Velissariou

7 Sep , 2019  

Neoliberalism and austerity are not ‘false policies’, but strategies of
increasing profits by reducing labor and welfare costs. In the process of
dismantling labor rights and the welfare state, a part of the population
is being marginalized. It becomes ‘superfluous’, and its living conditions
approach those of the inflowing ...

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Brief Histories of Invisibility

8 Aug , 2019  

Brief Histories of Invisibility

Posted on August 7, 2019 by youandwhosearmy?

What follows is a transcript of my response to Andrew Culp’s presentation of research
from his forthcoming book, Indiscernibility: The Politics of the Unseen (currently under contract with University of Minnesota Press)

I would like to begin by contrasting Andrew’s ...

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Ultra-Left FAQ

27 Jul , 2019  

The negation of work is the name of the process which abolishes work. The conversation around the abolition of work can get confusing because different theorists who write on this subject sometimes use the terms labor & work interchangeably, while others have specific definitions for each term.

Though this is ...

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On Socialist Cybernetics, Accelerationist Dreams, and Tiqqun’s Nightmares

12 Feb , 2019  

Nikita Khrushchev was skeptical whether computers can help boost history towards communism. Nevertheless, he was willing to give it a try and ordered a super-computer for economical support of soviet socialism. The mostly talented and best trained soviet engineers set up the computer and asked him to test the machine ...

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Wandering Abstraction

20 Jan , 2019  

… Since the ‘we’ is constituted by the class relation, the self-overcoming of the ‘we’ is the overcoming of the relation that constitutes it. This is certainly theoretically uncompromising (and admirable because of it). But it is also paradoxical, and its paradoxical character exacerbates its status as a claim that ...

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Notes on the Communist Horizon as an Immanent Outside

15 Nov , 2018  

Distinct thoughts are coalescing after last night’s now-embarrassing waste of energy on Twitter arguments. I always regret fanning the flames with so much oxygen the morning after and, obviously, it would only be worse to delete it later.

A very important side note from the Caves: “weaponise inattention”.

There was ...

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