Another Speculation? Michel Feher on Neoliberalism and Resistance

4 Okt , 2018  

In getting to grips with “neoliberalism”, a recommended first port of call is the published transcripts of Michel Foucault’s 1979 lecture series at the Collège de France titled The Birth of Biopolitics.[i] In those lectures Foucault demonstrated that the foundations of neoliberalism emerge from a critique of the ...

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Accelerating Capital: Completed Nihilism and The Indebted Man

25 Apr , 2017  

In his book Data Trash (1993), Arthur Kroker writes that in the field of digital acceleration, more information means less meaning, because meaning slows info circulation. In the sphere of the digital economy, the faster information circulates, the faster value is accumulated. But meaning slows down this process, as meaning ...

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Kapitalisierung 1 & 2

14 Sep , 2015  

Ich stelle hier erstmals die Einleitung zu den im Laika Verlag  erschienenen Bänden “Kapitalisierung Bd. 1 – Marx’ Non-Ökonomie”  und “Kapitalisierung Bd. II – Non-Ökonomie des gegenwärtigen Kapitalismus” zur Verfügung.


Hier das pdf: Einleitung von LaikaTheorie43 Innen Druck-2 ...

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