Paranoia Machines of the State

13 Okt , 2019  

One should insist that paranoia is the mass psychological fuel of neo-fascist and right-wing populist movements. Today they have chosen the vulnerable foreigners as their suitable enemy object. And to anticipate it right away, the paranoia of right-wing populists and that of the state reinforce each other. But the paranoia ...

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The Hooks Beneath the Bait / Entrapment and Escape in Althusser and Art

27 Nov , 2018  

Francois Matheron has suggested that the difficulty, if not the impossibility, of providing a comprehensive assessment to the work of Louis Althusser results from the ‘generalized uncertainty’ of an oeuvre constructed in the “dimension of catastrophe” and designed by its author to be “forever destroying itself”. This paper allows itself ...

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Control, Modulation and Algebra of Evil in Burroughs and Deleuze

1 Sep , 2018  

According to Deleuze’s Pourparler the concept of “Control” can be ascribed to William Burroughs. Since the seventies, it is possible to trace a deep intellectual and political convergence between Deleuze and Bur- roughs. This has happened across three levels of analysis: control society, revolutionary communities and ...

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