What is Object Oriented Ontology? What is Actor Network Theory? What is the Philosophy of Movement?

25 Sep , 2020  

What is an object? One interesting way to avoid the problem of getting the subject and object back together to secure knoweldge is by not introducing the division in the first place. What if everything was only objects? We could then think of the subject as a highly composite type ...

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13 Jul , 2020  

Most Marxist discourses understand both the technology, the logical discourse about the teleology of perfect control of nature, which proves to be the decisive orientation for the Western natural sciences, and the technical object, the practical object of the theoretical sciences, as part of the productive forces and not of ...

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The Rise and Fall of Biopolitics: A Response to Bruno Latour

29 Mrz , 2020  

How swiftly do genres of the quarantine emerge! Notable among them is the discovery of the relation between the present pandemic and onrushing climate collapse. The driving force of this genre is not holy shit two ways for a lot of people to die but the realization, or hope, that ...

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Theory Hot and Cold

29 Okt , 2018  

The artist Steve Lambert had a great tweet once that was something like “every time you send me a .doc file, my opinion of you decreases.” I have similar feelings about Bruno Latour. Whenever people cite Latour, my opinion of them decreases.

Nevertheless Latour has been, it will be ...

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