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The Great March

7 Jan , 2020  

… If the slogan of that antiwar movement, “No Blood for Oil,” seemed too great a simplification, it was not for all of that mistaken. There can be no doubt that something like racial extractivism, the intensified appropriation of cheap resources backed by force of arms, has become the ...

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Blockades and Border Walls

21 Jul , 2019  

An excerpt from the afterword of the updated paperback edition of Riot. Strike. Riot by Joshua Clover,

Are we in the early history of climate riots? What is already apparent is the state’s willingness to seize this situation on behalf of capital and of its own consolidation of power, a ...

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The Time of Crisis

28 Feb , 2019  

This text with images was originally presented at the Historical Materialism New York conference in May of 2011. Given the context, the text does not go into the sort of detail the matter really requires. A longer version is likely destined for an anthology of writings on contemporary tactics, strategy, ...

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Autumn of the System: Poetry and Financial Capital

3 Feb , 2019  

It is worth recalling at this juncture that M-C-M! is not the formula for
economic circulation as such, but a specific mode of same: that of capitalism. Parallel to this is the oft-elided fact that Marx nowhere claims that the sale of commodities for money is peculiar to capitalism, but ...

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Five Notes on the Yellow Vest Movement

23 Dez , 2018  

Number One: It’s a Riot

Not the few urban episodes of fighting cops and looting shops but the whole thing. The national movement arose after President Emmanuel Macron imposed a fuel premium, supposedly to drive the transition from France’s diesel-centric automotive life to more ecologically sound practices. If you believe ...



Die Verkehrskreisel-Riots

14 Dez , 2018  

Frankreich, das der Welt ‘links’ und ‘rechts’ als Kategorien der politischen Orientierung geschenkt hat, scheint gerade fest dazu entschlossen zu sein, die Dynamiken einer Situation zu erkunden, in der dieses althergebrachte Spektrum nicht länger wie üblich funktioniert. Auf dieser Abstraktionsebene scheint die Topografie vor Ort gerade einem gleichschenkligem Dreieck zugleichen. ...

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The Roundabout Riots

10 Dez , 2018  

taken from Verso

France, having bequeathed to the world left and right as political concepts, now seems intent on exploring the dynamics of a situation in which the longstanding spectrum no longer functions according to custom. At that level of abstraction, the topography there is now something like an isosceles ...

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Voting for the End of the World

22 Okt , 2018  

Collective nihilism is no better than the lonelier forms of despair.

The revulsion is perhaps a version of the “uncanny valley,” that experience of disturbing familiarity when a simulacrum of a person comes close to impersonating human behavior, so close that its true inhumanity is suddenly illuminated. It’s like that ...

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Volatile States

11 Aug , 2018  

Haiti is home to the slave rebellion that became arguably the great revolution of the modern world. For its trouble, totally not-racist liberal democratic nations punished it systematically until it was one of the poorest nations on the planet. Except the past tense is a lie; we keep fucking Haiti ...

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Against Fortress Leftism

4 Aug , 2018  

Free movement over markets is a minimum demand.

In the most recent German elections, Die Linke (the Left) secured the fifth most seats in the Bundestag, the nation’s parliament. At the same time, nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) came third, to the consternation of everyone who isn’t an asshole. While ...

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19 Jul , 2018  

While the three volumes of Capital as well as the Grundrisse refer explicitly to crisis on various occasions, these often promise a later systematic treatment which never arrives. Marx’s own 1857 plan, not simply unfinished but abandoned, proposed six volumes for Capital, with the final installment being the Book on ...

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10 Jul , 2018  

Fanon’s significance to the present moment seems to me to hinge in large part on his identification of the lumpenproletariat as revolutionary subject, an identification that was anathema then (and largely remains so now) to traditional Marxism. Surely all remember Marx’s magnificent litany in the Eighteenth Brumaire of “vagabonds, discharged

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Subsumption and Crisis

9 Jul , 2018  

Though it has various senses in general usage,  subsumption  is a term of art within Marx’s critical political economy. It is sub-divided into  formal subsumption and  real subsumption . These designate changes to the production process during the transition to, and ongoing development of capitalism. These changes in aggregate may

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Final Remarks ( The Crisis and the Rift: A Symposium on Joshua Clover’s Riot.Strike.Riot)

21 Apr , 2018  

Interlude on the Model

It is here that we might arrive at what I believe to be the most significant generic distinction regarding what kind of book it is. It is a book that makes models. A model always involves radical exclusions, always involves the economist’s most vexing incantation: ceteris


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