Notes on the Communist Horizon as an Immanent Outside

15 Nov , 2018  

Distinct thoughts are coalescing after last night’s now-embarrassing waste of energy on Twitter arguments. I always regret fanning the flames with so much oxygen the morning after and, obviously, it would only be worse to delete it later.

A very important side note from the Caves: “weaponise inattention”.

There was ...

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Be Unrealistic, Change What’s Possible

23 Sep , 2018  

I promised another post on fictions, but first, and by means of introduction, a few more remarks on populism, prompted by Bat at Lenin’s Tomb, Jon at Posthegemonic Musings, Le Colonel Chabert and Kenneth Rufo at Ghost in the Wire.

Bat claims that Zizek’s anti-populist polemic ends up re-affirming the ...

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Pop und Kulturindustrie. Eine heitere Symbiose.

15 Apr , 2018  

Wenn im Pop heute alles Retro ist, dann braucht man sich gerade in Deutschland nicht zu wundern, dass Versatzstücke des Antisemitismus integraler Bestandteil des Pop sind. Während der postnazistische Deutsche die Resultate des Nationalsozialismus noch in der Form des Büßers verarbeitet, der aus der Erfahrung der Vergangenheit gelernt haben und ...

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