Stiegler and Lacan — No Relation?

22 Sep , 2020  

I won’t bring up Lacan on Monday. But the non-encounter between Stiegler and Lacan recently struck me as important and I wanted to try to unravel the mystery…

Stiegler wrote frequently about technology and technical objects. But how does he compare to one of the key object theories, psychoanalysis? Surprisingly ...

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Biopolitics, Mashines

The Hedonistic Imperative: The Seduction of Hypercapitalism

28 Nov , 2018  

The unlikely parable that Xenophon relates  between Socrates and their mutual friend Aristippus of Cyrene serves as a lead in to the subject of this post. Socrates had observed his friend Aristippus for some time and felt that the young man needed a little guidance. He remonstrated Aristippus for his ...

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The Automatic Society: Technics, Memory, and Capitalism

28 Mrz , 2018  

In the past few years both the political Left and Right of the current global machine, the “Establishment” now dictates who will be included or excluded from their dominion. Whatever the hell that is? Ah, yes, it always comes down to this bugaboo… the “System” – a sort of Death ...

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Biopolitics, Necropolitics

Bemerkungen zu Stieglers „Automatic Society. The Future of Work“ (3)

26 Jul , 2017  

Im dritten Kapitel seines Textes vollzieht Stiegler im wesentlichen Jonathans Crays Beschreibungen des heute ubiquitären 24/7-Taktes im Rahmen eines globalisierten Kapitalismus nach. Also folgen wir ihnen.

Ein 24/7-System generiert andauernd asoziale Modelle eines automatisierten Funktionierens – die Kalkulation, Quantifizierung und Verwertung des Lebendigen, Motoriken der Verwertung, die jedoch unerkennbar lassen ...

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