Fascism and right Populism

4 Jan , 2020  

In classical fascism, an organization, initially external to the state and strictly hierarchically structured, gained dominance over the state apparatuses through legal seizure of power, only to merge with them in a specific way, thus maintaining the crisis-ridden capitalist system and securing it by force on a new level. Thus, ...

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Old fascism and new right-wing populism

6 Sep , 2019  

In classical fascism, an organization that was at first externally and strictly hierarchically structured for the state gained dominance over the state apparatuses through the legal assumption of power, and then merged with them in a specific way, whereby the capitalist system that had fallen into crisis could be maintained ...

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Dec. 1st – Pushing the Disorder Further

3 Dez , 2018  

What follows is a translation of a blog post by Carbure. It is a collaboration between ourselves & Otto Mattick. The original text was published on Dec. 3rd, 2018.

Saturday December 1st, the Gilets Jaunes movement had ceased to belong and be the movement of lower-class White France which it ...

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Be Unrealistic, Change What’s Possible

23 Sep , 2018  

I promised another post on fictions, but first, and by means of introduction, a few more remarks on populism, prompted by Bat at Lenin’s Tomb, Jon at Posthegemonic Musings, Le Colonel Chabert and Kenneth Rufo at Ghost in the Wire.

Bat claims that Zizek’s anti-populist polemic ends up re-affirming the ...

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Against Fortress Leftism

4 Aug , 2018  

Free movement over markets is a minimum demand.

In the most recent German elections, Die Linke (the Left) secured the fifth most seats in the Bundestag, the nation’s parliament. At the same time, nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) came third, to the consternation of everyone who isn’t an asshole. While ...

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Eine leninistische Geste heute: Gegen die populistische Versuchung

5 Mai , 2017  

Leseprobe aus: Sebastian Budgen / Stathis Kouvelakis / Slavoj Žižek (Hrsg.): Lenin Reloaded – Für eine Politik der Wahrheit

Laika Verlag

… Obwohl Laclaus Populismustheorie als eines der heutigen großen (und für die Gesellschaftstheorie leider raren) Beispiele einer wirklichen konzeptuellen Stringenz heraussticht, sollte man einige problematische Aussagen beachten. Die erste ...

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