Coronavirus as theatre of truth

2 Mai , 2020  

Originally published by Lobo suelto!. Written by Santiago López Petit. Translated by Autonomies.

Humanity is entering a phase of its history in which truth is reduced to a moment in the movement of the false. True is that false speech that must be kept true even when its untruth is ...

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The Immanence of Truths

20 Okt , 2018  

I’m told that Alain Badiou’s L’immanence des vérités has recently appeared in Parisian bookstores. I look forward to ordering a copy, and am reposting here my initial intuitions about the book, published last spring on e-flux, both as an invitation to think further about Badiou — unquestionably the most interesting


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The Digital Regime of Truth: From the Algorithmic Governmentality to a New Rule of Law

10 Okt , 2018  

This is caricature but we have left this idea of the actuarial reality behind for what I would call a ‘post-actuarial reality’ in which it is no longer about calculating probabilities but to account in advance for what escapes probability and thus the excess of the possible on the probable. ...

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Badiou’s Gauntlet

18 Jul , 2016  

Badiou’s Gauntlet, the challenge that Badiou issues to any kind of philosophy, is that the categories are three. No more than three, but also no less than three. Badiou’s Gauntlet is that there are bodies and languages, but also truths.

The challenge permeates all of Badiou’s work. One particularly clear


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