The Uprising in Colombia: “An Example of What Is to Come”

15 Sep , 2020  

The streets of several Colombian cities have erupted into conflict in the last two days in response to the brutal police murder of 43-year-old Javier Ordóñez, a lawyer and father of two in Bogotá, the nation’s capital. Ordóñez was peaceably drinking in the street in front of his friends’ apartment ...

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Theses on the Uprising

3 Jun , 2020  

We oppose these violent police thugs who roam the streets.

These terrorists who suffocate and torture Black and Brown people by the thousands each year, instilling terror and exhaustion in everyone left behind. We denounce the brutal cops who kidnap migrant children and their parents, who disappear trans sisters, who ...

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“Saam Baa” in Hong Kong – Three Strikes Paralyze the City

18 Nov , 2019  

On Saturday, unarmed soldiers of China’s People’s Liberation Army cleared street barricades close to Baptist University that had been erected by protesters in the past days – the first know deployment of the Chinese army in connection with the protest movement. After a turbulent week, the situation calmed down slightly ...

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Aerial Bridge Hong Kong/Barcelona – Bulletin Nº 2

4 Nov , 2019  

In the continuity of our article last week about the Catalan uprising, friends have transmitted these beautiful meditations from the streets of Barcelona.

“We do not wish honors, only to appear in the posterity of the history of cataclysms.”

Le Grand Jeu


Spain is a ruin. The wind travels ...

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